Adjunct Faculty

Cynthia Rayner

Adjunct Lecturer | Senior Researcher

Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Collective Change, Institutional Work

Dr Allistair Witten

Adjunct Associate Professor

Education consultant and advisor to government, organizational change and transformation, leadership and team development, education and social inequality, complex adaptive systems, systems thinking.

Elaine Rumboll

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Francois Bonnici

Adjunct Associate Professor

Social innovation, social entrepreneurship, health innovation, systems work

Gary van Vuuren

Adjunct Associate Professor

Investment theory, quantitative finance, risk management

Grant Sieff

Adjunct Associate Professor

Strategy & leadership

Herman Singh

Adjunct Professor

Business process improvement, Business Strategy, Change Leadership, High-tech ventures, Innovation Management, Doing business in Africa, IT management, Strategy & Implementation, Operations management

Jennifer McDonogh

Adjunct Lecturer

Strategy-as-practice, business model innovation and integrative thinking, Viable Systems Modelling (VSM), Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), systems thinking

Linda Kantor

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Training in Mindfulness Leadership

Marlon Parker

Adjunct Lecturer

Business Strategy, Impact Investment, Information Systems & Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurial development in African emerging markets, Social entrepreneurship, Social innovation

Mohan Vivekanandan

Adjunct Professor - Development Finance

Development Finance, Infrastructure Finance, Africa infrastructure

Phathizwe Malinga

Adjunct Lecturer

Business Innovation

Phumlani Nkontwana

Adjunct Lecturer

Applied Economics, Development Economics, Economics of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Alternative Economics, Micro-Economics, Innovation studies

Reshaad Sha

Adjunct Lecturer

Business Model Innovation. Technology

Rickard Sandberg

Adjunct Associate Professor

Data Analytics; Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics; Econometrics; Time-Series Analysis; Forecasting; Statistics; Mathematics

Sharron McPherson

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Disruption, Impact, Digital Transformation Strategies, Quantum Leadership, Disruption of Education, Future Learning / Future Work, Project Finance, Gender Smart Investing, Sustainable & Inclusive Infrastructure Development, Impact Investing

Steven Kuo

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Political Risk Analysis, China-Africa relations, Cross-Cultural Communication, International Business

Wayne Borchardt

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Decision Science, Behavioural Science, Decision Analysis, Strategic Decision Making, Strategy