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Leveraging a multitude of products available from the UCT GSB

UCT GSB Customised Programmes ecosystem generates dynamic capabilities through customised offerings designed to meet and overcome client challenges through a culmination of various assets in both faculty and academia.


Customised Academic Programmes

Customised Programmes at the UCT GSB offers clients access to the range of award winning accredited academic programmes with globally renowned faculty. The customised solutions offered extend beyond those mentioned on the site. Learn more about these programmes below

EE: Impact_Investment_in_Africa.jpg
Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice

Duration: 12-18 Months

NQF 8 qualification

Aimed at middle and senior managers

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EE: Executive_Development_Programme
Advanced Management Development Programme

Duration: 12-18 Months

NQF 7 qualification

Aimed at junior and middle managers

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Clients have access to a range of fully customisable short courses that are interchangeable and modular allowing our team to customise every detail of the programme tailored to suit clients needs based on the expertise and resources available at the UCT GSB

MBA Core Course Card - BusGovernSociety
Future Leaders Programme

Duration: 2-6 Months

Outcomes are aligned to NQF 5

Aimed at supervisory and operational HiPo's and fast-tracked talent

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MBA Core Course Card - OrgBehaviourPplMan
The New Manager Programme

Duration: 2-8 months

Outcomes are aligned to NQF 6

Aimed at new and entry-level managers, HiPo's and fast-tracked talent.

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MBA Core Course Card - strategy
The Programme For Management Development

Duration: 2-8 months

Outcomes are aligned to NQF 7

Aimed at middle and senior managers

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MBA Core Course Card - OpsManagement
Senior Leadership Development

Duration: 4-11 months

Outcomes are aligned to NQF 7-8

Aimed at senior managers with the potential to become executives and C-suite level

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MBA Core Course Card - OrgLeadershipVal
Executive Development Programme

Duration: 4-11 months

Outcomes are aligned to NQF 8-9

Aimed at senior leaders and executives

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MBA Core Course Card - LeadershipPersdev
Developing Women In Leadership

Duration: 2-6 months

Outcomes are aligned to NQF 6-7

Aimed at women who are interested in self-development, career advancement and personal fulfilment.

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CP: FNFM course pic
Finance For Non-Financial Managers

A tailor-made solution for your organisation’s financial training needs

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Experience Africa's Top Business School

The UCT GSB offers international universities and corporates the opportunity to engage with the challenges and nuances of doing business in Africa and emerging market economies through our custom designed study tours. This is an area of expertise and focus at the UCT GSB and speciliased within the scope of the Study Tours programme

Study tours are designed around your particular needs, interests and schedule, and typically last five to ten days.

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Study Tours