An Overview of the Alumni Experience at The UCT GSB

As a lifelong member of the UCT GSB Alumni network, you have access to a global community of likeminded individuals striving to meet their best. A journey through the UCT GSB Student Experience culminates in being part of an ever-expanding community of alumni around the world sharing their inspiration with the next generation of UCT GSB Alumni. Take part in the alumni experience and enjoy the many facets that comprise this great programme such as:

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Meet the Head of Alumni Relations

Morea Josias

Head of Alumni Relations and Career Services

Responsible for strategic planning, development, management and leadership of alumni relations and career services activities for the UCT GSB, Morea plans and implements projects that strategically engage alumni and industry in strengthening various UCT GSB activities that provide tangible benefits to alumni, current UCT GSB student job seekers and the school as a whole.

A key aspect of role, Morea believes, is the way relationships are managed, with the most rewarding aspect being when people with common interests and goals make a connection that is mutually beneficial.

Alumni Resources

Engage in Alumni Network & Resources

The UCT GSB Alumni experience offers students and graduates alike, a variety of career transforming opportunities to engage with through the alumni network. These resources serve to enhance the student experience throughout the years on campus as well as offering support for recent graduates and culminating in a network of highly skilled UCT GSB graduates for alumni to engage with. Tap into the multitude of incredible resources available to all UCT GSB Students & Alumni 

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Alumni Engage

Engage with the Alumni Network

A world of opportunity awaits you as a UCT GSB Alumni. We have created a platform designed for current and past students to engage in the alumni network and leverage the multitude of tools and resources available to propel their knowledge and careers forward with the help of the UCT GSB Alumni programme

Grow and expand your student experience, journey to alumni, giving back to the alumni network and the GSB initiative through the multitude of connections available to all alumni

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Upcoming Alumni Events


Alumni Reunion Weekend - 3 Peaks Challenge

 24 October 2021
 06:00 (GMT+2)

Annual 3 Peaks Challenge - an option of a run or hike which starts from the UCT vicinity and continues through Devil’s Peak, Maclear’s Beacon and ending on Lion’s Head.

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2021 Alumni Reunion Weekend - 'Knowledge Across Disciplines'

 22 - 24 October 2021
 16:00 (GMT+2)

Join the UCT GSB 2021 Alumni Reunion Weekend in October to hear expert speakers discuss how to remain relevant while navigating uncertainty under the theme Knowledge Across Disciplines.

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Alumni Reunion

The UCT GSB’s annual alumni reunion weekend is traditionally held toward the end of October and offers alumni the chance to connect with old friends, build trusted partnerships and expand their networks. The annual event is aims to enable you to build trusted partnerships, expand your network, and gain a better understanding of “The Connected World” and the potential that lies within it. 

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Alumni Awards

The Director's Alumni Award was initiated in 2007. Since its inception the UCT GSB Director has given the Award to two alumni each year who have made a significant contribution either in the promotion of, and service to, the UCT GSB or through building alumni relationships. See recent awards from the past 5 years. A full list is available upon enquiry.

  • 2015 Linda Fasham (GSB 1987 - 2014)
  • 2016 Cedric Parker (MBA 1988)
  • 2017 Robin Kuriakose (MBA 2008)
  • 2018 Professor Trevor Williams
  • 2019 Peter Major (MBA 1984)

  • 2015  Simryn de Jager (MBA 2012/13)
  • 2016  Gys Kappers (EMBA 2010/2011)
  • 2017 Kim Thipe (EMBA 2005/2006)
  • 2018 Sandy Mattison (MBA 1997)
  • 2019 Jerry Igwilo (MBA 2006/2007

The GSB Foundation

Building Leaders. Building Africa

The GSB Foundation supports the UCT GSB in four key areas: scholarships, faculty, research, and facilities. It's mission is to provide the most talented students, regardless of their financial circumstances, an opportunity to benefit from a world-class education at the UCT GSB. Contributions to the GSB Foundation can be made via donations to the endowment, sponsorships, bequests and in-kind donations of time or talent.

GSB Foundation

Ideas Exchange

News, Articles & Alumni Profiles

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Learning & Development

Annual Alumni Reunion Weekend to delve into how leaders are responding to global challenges with a multidisciplined approach

Join the UCT GSB 2021 Alumni Reunion Weekend in October to hear expert speakers discuss how to remain relevant while navigating uncertainty under the theme Knowledge Across Disciplines.

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Posted on 5 August 2021 by UCT GSB Press Office
Sean Gossel
Learning & Development

Powering the continent’s growth through collaboration with entrepreneurs across Africa

EMBA alumnus Christophe Viarnaud is a man on a mission. The French national has made South Africa not only his home, but a country in which his passion for entrepreneurship and education has launched the ventures of scores of bright start-ups across the continent.

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Posted on 30 July 2021 by UCT GSB Press Office
Sean Gossel
Learning & Development

MBA alumnus puts lockdown to good use

Steven van Rheede was part of the 2020 MBA class that, three months into the programme, quickly had to shift their studies online; it bore some unforeseen benefits, he says.

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Posted on 30 July 2021 by UCT GSB Press Office
Sean Gossel
Learning & Development

Combining passion with purpose to improve science education for all

Bathabile Mpofu is passionate about empowering young people to become scientists, and with her business, Nkazimulo Applied Sciences, she aims to demonstrate to high school learners the beauty of science in an exciting, hands-on way.

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Posted on 30 July 2021 by UCT GSB Press Office
Mouna Akefli - Closing the digital divide and embr
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Taking the road less travelled is a choice we make

MBA alumna Mouna Akefli is not one to conform. Passionate about building a more diverse, inclusive and connected continent, she is determined to shake things up and her role as marketing manager for Ericsson in West Africa and Morocco is giving her new opportunities to do so.

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Posted on 6 May 2021 by UCT GSB Press Office