Updates for Staff

UCT GSB PRESS OFFICE - 24 March 2020

Updates for staff

25 March 10h00

Health and Safety 

The Breakwater campus will be shut down completely during the lockdown period and staff will not be allowed to work on campus.  Should staff urgently require access to collect something, they will need to call the control room on 021 406 1520 to ask security guards to open for them.  Only the hotel parking lot will be accessible. 

There will however, be a 24/7 security presence across all UCT campuses. Wall-mounted hand sanitiser units will be available at various entry points for essential staff to make use of during the lockdown. Hand sanitisers have also been distributed to all essential staff.

Protea Breakwater Lodge

The hotel has minimum occupancy at the moment and is in urgent discussions with Marriott's head office and with staff on the way forward, and details will be published here as soon as they are available.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Please be assured of our commitment to taking all necessary actions to support you in this time of crisis. We are aware that anxiety levels are high and acknowledge the impact on mental health and well-being. You are reminded that counselling and therapy is available through the UCT Student Wellness Centre on 021 650 5685.

In order to reduce anxiety levels, please consider the following:

  • Equip yourself with the facts from trusted news resources and government sites
  • Try not to overwhelm yourself with too much COVID-19 information by limiting social media activity as this can be a source of fake news
  • Stay connected with family and friends
  • Look after your health by eating well, sleeping well, practising mindfulness and exercising at home.
  • Seek professional advice if you are unable to manage your anxiety by calling the number above.

Working Remotely 

Many of us are already working remotely and we encourage everyone to get online and adopt Microsoft teams so that we can continue to connect and operate effectively and efficiently. Business continuity must remain top of mind. Line managers are encouraged to maintain contact with their teams by conducting daily check-ins. We are aware that some staff do not have laptops and line managers are actively working to find solutions in consultation with IT.

Further updates on HR and Finance matters can be accessed on Microsoft Teams here and here.

Marketing Recruitment for Students and Delegates

Our Marketing team are continuing to work to optimise recruitment for students and delegates amidst this major disruption. Please assist them by replying timeously to their requests as they rely on your input to empower them to drive campaigns and enrolments.