Course Overview

Although the challenges facing female leaders are not unique, the fact remains: there are fewer women in leadership positions than men. In our Developing Women in Leadership course, we aim to address this imbalance and empower women who aspire to take on leadership positions to fully embrace their potential. You will learn how to become more self-aware, connect more authentically with others as an inspiring presence, and manage relationships successfully.

What you will walk away with

  • An understanding of organisations, power and politics
  • An understanding of the impact of broader gender issues on women in leadership
  • Increased confidence in leading and influencing others
  • Awareness of personal intention and impact
  • Increased self-awareness, and commitment to continue the process
  • Skills in negotiating, coaching and giving feedback
  • Skills to make dual careers tenable
  • A network of colleagues with whom they have a shared powerful experience

Empowering Women in Leadership

Learn to overcome the challenges women face in the workplace and the role you can play in creating a work environment that transcends stereotypes and embraces the brilliance of every individual.

Additional Course Information

Module Breakdown

Curriculum Overview

Personal Mastery
  • Develop self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Improve understanding and meaningful connection with others
  • Improve confidence in interacting with colleagues, team members and your network
  • Develop self-awareness and self-understanding working with the four-colour model developed by Insights Discovery™
Leadership Presence
  • Explore the practical meaning of leadership presence
  • Examine your own presencing pattern
  • Experiment with different strategies to power your current style
  • Develop recognition of the impact of presenting yourself in your context
Building relationships for impact - Part 1
  • Explore your conflict handling style and its implications for using power and creating impact and influence
  • Explore principles of effective feedback in the context of building relationships
  • Practise a broader set of interpersonal skills
Navigating organisational power and politics
  • Deepen your understanding of organisational change
  • Explore the dynamics of diverse identities within organisations
  • Explore how power and rank influence organisational politics
  • Engage with organisational edges such as communication barriers and modern forms of exclusion
Building relationships for impact - Part 2
  • Identify and manage self-limiting assumptions and the impact of the ‘imposter phenomenon’
  • Explore how to negotiate at work and home for what you need
  • Practice coaching, giving feedback, challenging, negotiating and contracting skills
Workplace Realities
  • Discuss the challenges faced by women in the workplace, gender bias and issues of intersectionality
  • Examine the implications of ‘think manager, think male’ and the ‘sticky floor’ syndrome
  • Explore ways in which organisations and their employees (both women and men) can strive towards a more inclusive work environment
  • Engage in a dialogue on topical issues affecting women
Consolidate and Celebrate
  • Integrate and connect what you have learnt
  • Identify opportunities to apply what is personally relevant and meaningful for your growth as a leader
  • Commit to being accountable for implementing your developed skills in your professional as well as personal life
  • Celebrate yourself and the development journey you have been on

Minimum Requirements:

  • National Senior Certificate, NQF 4 or equivelant
  • English proficiency

Who should apply:

  • interested in self-development, career advancement and personal fulfilment
  • Want an opportunity to evaluate yourself and benefit from feedback from your peers
  • Want to increase your ability to confidently lead and influence others
  • Want to build skills such as networking, communication and collaboration

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15% for 3 - 6 applicants (bulk discount applied from third applicant)

10% for 7+ applicants (bulk discount applied to all applicants)

10% for alumni of UCT GSB academic and Executive Education courses

The UCT GSB's Breakwater Campus is situated in the heart of Cape Town's most popular tourist attraction, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Centrally located and easily accessed, the UCT GSB is just 1.5km away from the central business district and 20 minutes from Cape Town International Airport.

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Certificate of completion

Flights & accommodation costs are not included.

The course is a non-credit-bearing course delivered at the equivalent of an NQF 8 postgraduate level of study.

The course is accredited through UCT, which is a registered public higher education institution with the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Each programme is accredited through an internal UCT quality assurance process, as delegated by the CHE, ensuring the excellent quality of our offering.
In short, this course does not refer to NQF levels.



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