Getting Involved & Giving Back

Reconnect and Offer Your Time to The UCT GSB Alumni Experience

Get involved in the Alumni network and support the next generation of talented graduates. Whether through volunteering time and guidance to students and alumni, or through donation via the GSB Foundation, getting involved in our giving back initiative provides future alumni with access to endless resources set to enhance their career prospects. Learn more about how you can give back to the UCT GSB Alumni today



Start an Alumni Chapter in Your City

UCT GSB Alumni Chapters play a critical role in building and fostering ongoing relationships with alumni in different regions. Chapters coordinate and provide opportunities for alumni to connect, network and contribute to UCT GSB fundraising initiatives. Learn more about how to get involved and join or start a chapter in your city 

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Inspire The Minds of The Next Generation

The UCT GSB Global Mentorship Programme aims to prepare the next generation of leaders for the future world of work. ?Mentees have the opportunity to build a relationship with mentors who have walked the UCT GSB journey on their respective programmes. ?

They will receive career and leadership guidance and support from mentors over a defined period in order to accelerate personal growth and develop leadership capabilities.

  • Accelerate your leadership development 

  • Increase your networking opportunities 

  • Enhance your knowledge of industry trends 

  • Have access to career opportunities. 

  • Reflect on your leadership journey 
  • Give back by sharing knowledge, skills and experience to develop current students 
  • Contribute to building leadership skills and self-awareness for the next generation of leaders 
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by recent graduates entering the workplace 
  • Create and sustain a leadership development culture for generations to come. 


Take Part in Growing The Next Generation of UCT GSB Alumni



Giving back to the GSB Foundation propelling futures forward

Contributions to the GSB Foundation can be made via donations to the endowment, sponsorships, bequests and in-kind donations of time or talent. 

Should you require any further information please contact Linda Fasham   

The GSB Foundation is an Independent Trust, approved by the UCT Council. As registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and non-profit organisation (NPO), we can facilitate tax-efficient donations for individuals and institutions. 



Offer Your Time, Talent & Resources

The UCT GSB offers many avenues for Alumni to volunteer their time and resources

  •  Join a UCT GSB student club;
  •  Become a UCT GSB Ambassador and help promote UCT GSB programmes
  •  Mentor students in need of a career change
  •  Become a talent scout for UCT GSB programmes
  •  Start or join an alumni chapter

Visit the Volunteer page and let us know how you would like to volunteer


First Thursdays Clubs

A Global Network for UCT GSB Alumni

First Thursday Clubs is a global initiative for UCT GSB Alumni to connect with the alumni network in various locations and cities around the world. Events are set up by alumni and take place on the first Thursday of every month. Learn more about setting or joining a First Thursday Club in your city 

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