Volunteer your time towards the learning journey of a student or recent graduate

The UCT GSB Global Mentorship Programme aims to prepare the next generation of leaders for the future world of work. ?Mentees have the opportunity to build a relationship with mentors who have walked the UCT GSB journey on their respective programmes. ?

They will receive career and leadership guidance and support from mentors over a defined period in order to accelerate personal growth and develop leadership capabilities.

As a UCT GSB student and mentee you will: 

  • Accelerate your leadership development 

  • Increase your networking opportunities 

  • Enhance your knowledge of industry trends 

  • Have access to career opportunities. 


As a UCT GSB alumnus and mentor you will: 

  • Reflect on your leadership journey 

  • Give back by sharing knowledge, skills and experience to develop current students 

  • Contribute to building leadership skills and self-awareness for the next generation of leaders 

  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by recent graduates entering the workplace 

  • Create and sustain a leadership development culture for generations to come.