An overview of Alumni Experience & Resources

Tap into a wealth of career enhancing resources at your fingertips. Alumni Resources are available to all UCT GSB Alumni from the very first day on campus and onwards throughout your career. Connect with alumni from around the world, gain invaluable life experience and career guidance, and enjoy the many career benefits available to you as an alumni of the UCT GSB. Learn more about the resources available, these are some of the highlights: 



Tap into a wealth of alumni resources for students & past alumni alike

focusing on benefits for current students, career advice

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focusing on benefits for recent grads, propel career, network

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focusing on benefits for alumni, tap into student resources, mentorships etc

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Growing the Connections Between Students and Past Alumni

The UCT GSB Global Mentorship Programme aims to prepare the next generation of leaders for the future world of work. ?Mentees have the opportunity to build a relationship with mentors who have walked the UCT GSB journey on their respective programmes. ?

They will receive career and leadership guidance and support from mentors over a defined period in order to accelerate personal growth and develop leadership capabilities.

  • Accelerate your leadership development 

  • Increase your networking opportunities 

  • Enhance your knowledge of industry trends 

  • Have access to career opportunities. 

  • Reflect on your leadership journey 

  • Give back by sharing knowledge, skills and experience to develop current students 

  • Contribute to building leadership skills and self-awareness for the next generation of leaders 

  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by recent graduates entering the workplace 

  • Create and sustain a leadership development culture for generations to come. 


Alumni Chapters

Growing the UCT GSB Alumni Network Worldwide

UCT GSB Alumni Chapters play a critical role in building and fostering ongoing relationships with alumni in different regions. Chapters coordinate and provide opportunities for alumni to connect, network and contribute to UCT GSB fundraising initiatives. Learn more about how to get involved and join or start a chapter in your city 

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First Thursday Clubs

A Global Network for UCT GSB Alumni

First Thursday Clubs is a global initiative for UCT GSB Alumni to connect with the alumni network in various locations and cities around the world. Events are set up by alumni and take place on the first Thursday of every month. Learn more about setting or joining a First Thursday Club in your city 

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Alumni Benefits & Opportunities

Reap The Benefits of Being an Alumni of The UCT GSB

Discounts and Benefits

 As an alumnus of the UCT GSB, you are entitled to:

  • 10% discount on Solution Space Venue Hire at the UCT GSB
  • 10% discount at the Breakwater Lodge hotel
  • 10% discount on the UCT GSB Executive Education courses
  • Assistance with the co-ordination of class reunions.
  • Assistance with networking with other alumni
  • Access to the physical UCT GSB Library (books & space) for a minimal annual subscription
  • Alumni newsletter and frequent updates from your alma mater
  • Networking opportunities at our various guest speaker programmes
  • Invitations to UCT GSB events