Impact Investing in Africa Course


25 Nov

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R18 900

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25 Oct

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In this course, wealth managers, consultants, funders, lawyers and other financial intermediaries will gain an understanding of the rapidly emerging field of impact investing and its ecosystem globally, with a specific focus on Africa. Delegates will be given tools to develop impact investing strategies, analyse opportunities and engage with clients about socially responsible investments. They will participate in case study based workshops led by a diverse group of leading experts in the field. By the end of the course, they will be able to take their first steps to realise the potential of impact investing for their clients and institutions.

The course will provide world-class, tailor-made curriculae to participants and will be taught by leading experts and practitioners from across the globe. Click here to view our faculty.

Some of our faculty include: Aunnie Patton Power (Impact Investing lecturer at the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and UCT), Kanini Mutooni (Toniic Institute), Andia Chavaka (Graca Machel Trust), Mercy Mutua (Capria Ventures),  Jon Duncan (Old Mutual), Karim Harji  (Managing Director at Evalysis; programme director at the University of Oxford; former co-founder of Purpose Capital and advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation), Mark van Wyk (Mergence), Heather Jackson (Ashburton).

Most major financial institutions are involved in the impact investing market by building in-house impact investing expertise. However, many wealth managers, consultants, funders etc. have yet to build their own expertise to meet the demand from a new generation of wealth holders. This fast emerging industry, estimated at $500 billion in 2019, requires new financial models, new metrics, new regulation, and perhaps, more importantly, new territory.

"Impact investors in Africa have the opportunity to use
innovative financing tools to deploy capital that intentionally
creates positive social, environmental and financial impact."

Aunnie Patton Power - Course Convenor

The course is run by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the UCT GSB and forms part of its efforts to build the impact investing sector in Africa. It is run alongside the Impact Measurement and Management for Investors course.  

Is this course for me?

This investment short course is for finance professionals, funders, lawyers, intermediaries, development finance professionals and consultants who are interested in understanding this growing field and how they can and should position themselves within it.

Our 100+ course alumni include delegates from the following organisations:

"This short but immensely valuable course offers comprehensive and contemporary insight across the complex scope of investing in Africa, impeccably delivered material and, most importantly for myself, an opportunity to build valuable relationships with key decision makers doing business across the continent."

Craig Whitfield - Investment Analyst, Old Mutual Multi-Managers

Key learnings

  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of the impact investment ecosystem globally, with best practices on how to balance risk, return and impact.
  • Gather insights on how to develop an impact investing strategy.
  • Acquire an understanding of the process of building an effective impact investment portfolio through either intermediaries and/or direct investments.
  • Build practical skills in due diligence, investment selection and valuation of impact investments.
  • Learn about global and African best practices of implementing impact investment strategies from leading experts in the field.
  • Begin to explore the opportunities in emerging technologies (AI, the Blockchain, remote sensing and Iot) and impact investing

Course information

This interactive five-day investment training opportunity offers a rich learning experience that blends theory and practice with a focus on the latter.

Day 1: Impact investing eco-system and relevance: Develop a sophisticated understanding of the impact investment ecosystem globally and across the continent.
Day 2: Designing an impact investing strategy: Best practices for building a pipeline and performing due diligence with an impact lens across multiple sectors and asset classes.
Day 3: Evaluating, structuring and managing direct investments and investments through intermediaries: Create impact measurement and management strategies and understand the complexities of impact deal structuring.
Day 4: Building impact investing portfolios: How to build your strategy and manage your impact portfolio.
Day 5: Innovative Financing and emerging technologies for impact (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning): Learn about what is next in the world of impact investing and technology.

To read and download some the teaching case studies, visit Saïd Business School's website here.

This course runs in Cape Town on the UCT GSB campus. For more information please contact the Executive Education unit at the UCT Graduate School of Business on 0860 UCT GSB or email

25 - 29 November 2019

Application deadline:
25 October 2019

Tuition fee:
R18 900


Impact Measurement and Management for Investors

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