UCT GSB's new programme prepares students to lead internationally

UCT GSB PRESS OFFICE - 10 August 2020

Dr Beverly Shrand, Director of the UCT GSB's new programme, the CEMS Master of Management specialising in International Management (MIM), says a key difference between the MIM and the MBA is that the MIM is a pre-experience degree focused on young people in their twenties, whereas MBA candidates usually have a few years' work experience behind them.

"With the CEMS alliance, we are trying to groom tomorrow's leaders, people who want to make the world a better place, and who care about making a difference to issues like sustainability, inclusiveness, and social injustice."

"The MIM really prepares you to work in countries all over the world. It's about leading internationally, becoming a manager who can cope with diverse cultures, who is completely able to work in different types of contexts and who can very comfortably fit in anywhere in the world."

Listen to her interview with Cape Talk here:

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