5 Step Design Process

Customised Programmes 5 Step Design Process

  • Discovery: working closely with clients to analyse and identify the problem
  • Diagnosis: relaying diagnosis from our expert team at Customised Programmes based on Discovery
  • Design & Development: designing solutions using the array of tools at hand from the UCT GSB 
  • Delivery: rollout of the Customised Programmes driven toward the solution 
  • Evaluation: expert evaluation and learning assurance from our teams for client feedback

Customised Design Process

UCT GSB Customised Programmes offers a unique and distinctive approach to customisation for clients and teams across a wide scope of industries. Learn more about how our 5 step design process provides unparalleled potential to maximising skills development in your team 

Exec Ed DHP - Customised courses

Learning Management System (LMS)

online and in-person activation of the customised programme

As we adapt to an ever-changing landscape in education to accommodate for new challenges, the UCT GSB ensures that learning objectives are met with convenience and focus. This means that programmes can be adjusted to suit the needs of candidates such as online learning or location specific classes. These form part of the Customised Programmes delivery and as with the entire programme, this aspect too can be modified to address the needs of each case. 

Our unique LMS or Learning Management System provides a comprehensive portal for students and candidates to access. This comprises information about the upcoming classes and modules as well as detailed insight into how and where the programme takes place.