The Customised Programmes Team


UCT GSB Customised Programmes offers a multidisciplinary approach to creating a specialized toolkit to enhance skills development and outcomes for each candidate in the programme

Rayner Canning



Director of Business Development at the UCT GSB

Rayner Canning leads the Business Development Unit with a focus on recruiting and retaining key executive clients, fostering new initiatives, and stewarding UCT GSB’s market share and revenue.

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The Customised Programmes Team Roles

Exploring the value of the roles in the team

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Learning Design Partners 

Discovery/Diagnosis/Design &  Development/Evaluation

  • Within the UCT GSB Customised Programme, key members of our faculty are assigned to various aspects of analysis and delivery to help us better understand client needs
  • Key members of our faculty are assigned to various aspects of analysis and delivery to help us better understand the needs of each team 
  • LDPs work with clients to identify how to best to maximise the programme to achieve the objectives outlined in the primary stages of the journey
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Course Convenors

Design & Development/Delivery

  • The UCT GSB Customised Programmes Course Convenors are dedicated to ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the 5 step design process 
  • Aimed at delivering delegates, the skills and development tools needed, as identified in the first 3 steps 
  • This ensures the programme’s outcomes until the very last stage of evaluation

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Programme Managers


  • Our Programme Managers are responsible for taking care of every aspect of the customised programme experience for each of the candidates from the start of the programme
  • Once candidates have been onboarded, Programme Managers work closely with the delegates up until the last segment where the programme is evaluated. 
  • This entails the management of the candidate’s experience at the GSB, as well as their development within the programme.
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Learning Assurance 


  • Whilst each programme differs and varies between companies/clients, the UCT GSB proudly institutes an approach to evaluation that allows for every segment within the programme to achieve desired outcomes as identified in the process