No matter what industry you are in, financial literacy is an essential part of business. Leaders need to understand and use financial tools and techniques to make sound financial decisions and achieve strategic goals.
Moreover, a better understanding of the financials underpinning a business is one of the key factors that can help each person unlock value at every level in an organsation. This understanding allows people to make the connection between products or services, processes and profit.

After years of success in training up financially literate and upwardly mobile managers, the UCT GSB is proud to present its first specialised FNFM course. These specialised courses are grounded in a deep understanding of each specific sector, it’s unique operational standards, and industry best practice.

Who will flourish 

  • Non-Financial Managers stepping into financial roles
  • Executives seeking to enhance financial decision-making
  • Team Leaders aiming to lead with financial acumen
  • Key Decision-Makers steering financial growth
  • Professionals aspiring to amplify their financial capabilitie

If you represent an organisation looking to enhance the financial understanding of your team, the UCT GSB’s sector-specific Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM) is an excellent choice. This specialised programme is designed specifically for group bookings, offering a tailored learning experience that aligns with your organisation's unique needs.

Please note that this course is distinct from our individual enrolment options. If you are an individual seeking to apply on your own, we have a separate FNFM course specifically for individual applicants – Find out more and apply here

Additional Course Information

Key Focus Areas

What you will learn

1. Fundamentals of Finance

Gain a solid understanding of financial concepts, principles, and terminology relevant to the mining industry in South Africa.

2. Financial Statement Analysis

Learn to interpret and analyze financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, to evaluate the financial health and performance of your organisation. Understand the specific roles of internal and external auditors.

3. Budgeting and Forecasting

Develop essential skills in budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning, enabling you to contribute to strategic decision-making and goal setting within your mining organisation.

4. Cost Management

Explore techniques for managing costs effectively in the mining sector, including cost analysis, cost control, and cost reduction strategies.

5. Risk Management

Understand the principles of risk management and learn how to identify, assess, and mitigate financial risks in the mining industry, including mining rights and allocation, energy challenges, anti-corruption measures, market risk, foreign exchange risk, commodity risk, and operational risk.

6. Financial Decision-Making

Enhance your financial decision-making skills by analyzing investment proposals, evaluating financial performance metrics, and understanding the impact of financial decisions on your organisation's profitability.

7. Regulatory Environment

Explore the regulatory framework governing the mining sector in across Africa, including compliance requirements, ethical considerations, reporting obligations, and ESG, and geopolitical dynamics.

What will you gain from this course?   

  • Understand industry-specific financial concepts, principles and terminology
  • Analyse financial statements
  • Evaluate and drive their organisation’s financial health
  • Develop financial strategies and business models
  • Be involved in their organisation’s decision-making process
  • Understand the principles and application of risk management
  • Understand everyday financial terms such as capital expenditure, return on capital, margins, commodity prices, technology and innovation, and foreign exchange risk
  • Improve their professional and financial confidence 
  • Delegates who have completed the program position themselves superbly for the exclusive Strategic Finance Masterclass delivered to the top executive band.

Why choose our programme?

Company specific and in-house delivery is available with flexible scheduling options, including weekend and evening sessions.

Engage in interactive discussions, open cast and underground case studies, and hands-on exercises that promote practical application and skill development.

Access one-on-one individualised coaching and mentorship where you will be able to present financial matters specific to you or your organisation.

The program is designed to not intrude with ongoing work commitments. It requires 2 days of in-person participation, with the remainder delivered in two 4-hour slots delivered online.


Our faculty's expertise allows us to deliver modules designed for these particular sectors of South Africa's economy:

CP: FNFM -Automotive
Automotive Manufacturing & Supply Sector
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CP: FNFM -Banking
Banking Sector
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CP: FNFM -Mining
Mining Sector
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CP: FNFM -Telecoms
Telecommunications Sector
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CP: FNFM -Commercial Property
Commercial Property Sector
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CP: FNFM -EnvironmentSocialGovernance
Environment Social Governance Sector
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CP: FNFM -Insurance
Insurance Sector
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CP: FNFM -industrial manufactoring
Industrial & Manufacturing Sector
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CP: FNFM -Public
Public Sector
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CP: FNFM -Retail
Retail Sector
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CP: FNFM -Technology
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CP: FNFM -YourIndustry
Need to add your sector?
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Meet the Team

Dr David Makovah
Dr David Makovah


Dr David Makovah is the CEO and founder of Mr-Mak Learning - this digital first education business conducts professional training interventions in business in Africa broadly and including leadership, management, capital markets, credit, finance, economics, and related areas.
Mr Rayner Canning
Mr Rayner Canning

Business Development Director

Rayner Canning leads the Business Development Unit with a focus on recruiting and retaining key Executive Education and Study Tour clients, fostering new initiatives, and stewarding UCT GSB’s market share and revenue.
Mr Jacob Makgato
Mr Jacob Makgato

Manager: Business Development

As the primary client engagement partner, Jacob engages with multiple organizations to gain insight into their employee learning and development challenges.


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The programme is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to choose the delivery mode, the schedule and the content (tailored to your industry and organisation) that best suit your needs. You can also benefit from our network of experienced facilitators, coaches, and mentors, who will guide you through the learning journey and provide you with personalised feedback and support.

That's where our Finance for Non-Financial Managers programme comes in. This programme will equip your team with practical and relevant financial insights that can be applied immediately in their work context.

Our programme is a friendly starting point for those new to finance, requiring no prior accounting or finance experience. We meet your team members wherever they are on their financial journey. The course is ideal for finance beginners as no prior exposure to accounting or finance is necessary.

Receive a prestigious certificate of attendance upon successfully completing the Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training Program, certifying your enhanced financial acumen.

Our Course Convenor will engage with the company CFO or Financial Director to understand the company- or industry-specific financial and commercial acumen challenges. These inputs will then be used to focus the content and ensure emphasis is given to high priority issues keeping the organisation’s finance team awake at night.