In response to COVID-19, this Executive Education course has been developed according to our emergency teaching protocol framework which includes a blend of synchronous (online face to face) and asynchronous (in your own time) teaching methods.

Understand and analyse financial performance

Understand the numbers. Learn the language of accounting and finance

The UCT GSB Finance for Non-financial Managers is a five-day course offering a practical, accessible introduction to accounting and finance. No prior exposure to accounting or finance is necessary. You will gain financial literacy and be able to participate in financial conversations and planning with confidence. 


TBC for 2021


TBC for 2021


TBC for 2021


Today, everyone in business needs financial literacy. No matter what aspect of business you are in, a solid grasp of the finance basics will help you understand – and improve – the financial health of your organisation. 

The Finance for Non-financial Managers course at the UCT GSB is designed for people with little or no financial training who want to learn more about understanding the numbers and how to participate more fully in financial planning and decisions. This four-day course is practical, accessible and interactive. You will gain basic financial acumen through case-studies and leave with the tools to understand financial statements and engage with finance professionals. 

The UCT GSB is internationally recognised and one of less than 100 business schools in the world to be triple-crown accredited. Take advantage of our world-class faculty and more than five decades of business education experience.


“Finance is the language of business, you’re not going to understand your business if you don’t understand the language of finance. Whatever position you’re in, you need some understanding of the numbers and of financial concepts.” 

- Mark Graham, Course Convenor of Finance for Non-Financial Managers.


Applications for this course are currently closed. 

If you’d like more information or if you have any further questions, please click here. You will receive an email with our course brochure along with an application link which you can use once applications reopen.

You will benefit from this course if you are:

  • A manager
  • A team leader
  • An entrepreneur

The course is ideal for finance beginners as no prior exposure to accounting or finance is necessary.

Participants of the Finance for Non-financial Managers course will be able to:

  • Read and interpret an organisation's financial statements 
  • Understand the key measures of financial performance
  • Identify problems and inefficiencies 
  • Analyse cost behaviour and financial performance and contribute to improving the financial performance of the organisation
  • Participate in creating a financial plan and establishing its feasibility
  • Improve their knowledge and confidence in how business works
  • Engage confidently with financial professionals
Course Convenor

Mark Graham BusSci (Hons) (Cape Town); M.Com (Cape Town); CA (SA) is an Associate Professor and former Head of the College of Accounting at the University of Cape Town where he specialises in financial accounting and financial analysis.  He also teaches on the MBA, EMBA and Executive programs at UCT’s Graduate School of Business. He consults to the accounting profession and regularly presents courses on various aspects of accounting, both public and in-house. He is chair of the adjudication panel for the annual “Excellence in Integrated Reporting” award.


Jacqui is an Associate Professor in the College of Accounting at the University of Cape Town where she specialises in financial accounting to undergraduate students. She presents training courses for corporate clients such as Old Mutual, BP and Vodacom and dabbles in research relating to entrepreneurship and small business development (particularly in the micro-enterprise arena).  She has an interest in - and a small collection of good red wine, enjoys hiking and kayaking and is an avid bird watcher. She tests her creativity through sculpture and jewellery.