The UCT GSB's 2023 IEDP: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Our IEDP is unique –  with a specialised theme each year. In partnership with our local and international suite of blue chip corporate clients the UCT GSB is proud to offer an international course that truly reflects our purpose, values and ethos. Delegates will spend two weeks in our Breakwater campus and Sandton hub before embarking on a tour of some of the world's most dynamic businesses and company HQs.

What you will walk away with

Ethical leadership, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability are part of the UCT GSB’s DNA – and should be a core strategic focus of any organisation capable of leading us to a better future. The UCT GSB IEDP takes a multidimensional approach to learning, including:

  • Lectures  
  • One-on-one executive coaching  
  • Case-study strategy simulation  
  • Company-focused Action Learning Project 
  • International engagement and immersion with business immersions across three countries and five cities.

Who should apply

  • Senior Executives working across all industries and sectors
  • Incumbent and future leaders of organisations that will apply international lessons in local contexts


International exposure for transformative advancement.

Our programme is designed to challenge, inform and grow. It is educational but intensive, and inspirational while inviting delegates to step out of their comfort zones. While staying true to our mission of taking Africa to the world.

The experience of a lifetime

A plethora of networking opportunities


Exposure to global innovation and best-practice

Cape Town
Feel comfortable at our home before you embark on your journey
Activity Outcome Duration
  • Transformational Leadership 
  • Environment Social Governance
  • The Evolution of Capital Markets
  • The Impact of Geopolitics on African Business
Preparation for Group ALP Presentation and Delivery 4 Days
Satellite learning centre in the heart of Sandton City
Activity Outcome Duration
  • Africa's Effective Strategy Executors - Analysis and Insights/ delivered by the director of the UCT GSB Prof Catherine Duggan
  • The Cyber Security Menace
  • Capital Markets and ESG Investing
  • The Promise of Generative Artificial Intelligence
Action Learning Project 4 Days
Gain first-hand experience and exposure to stakeholders in capital markets
Activity Outcome Duration
Dubai As Global Capital Market Centre (Capital Raising & ESG Implications for African Co.) Applied theory 2 Days
Home of Huawei, CATL and a hub of Tesla
Activity Outcome Duration
  • Engagement
  • Tencent/Alibaba/Baidu
  • The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Developing Markets
  • Experiential Engagement/Immersion
  • Tesla
  • Huawei
  • CATL
3 Days
Immerse yourself in Chinese culture and educational ethos
Activity Outcome Duration
  • Engagement
  • University Campus Tour
  • Explore Chaoyang District
  • Tour of Great Wall of China
2 Days

Participant Profile

  • Senior Managers with at least 4 - 10 years of senior management experience
  • C-suite executives or Senior Managers on the promotional track for C-level roles
  • Senior officials in government and state-owned companies
  • Successful entrepreneurs who run medium to large companies
  • General managers or Heads of Business Units within private and public sectors

Global best Practice. Local growth.

Cape Town

The best place to make our delegates feel most comfortable and at home before they embark on their international expedition is at our home: the historic Breakwater Campus. Our unique location near the heart of the original docks of Cape Town make for a memorable induction.


Our satellite learning centre in the heart of Sandton City will host the second phase of the course, with delegates being treated to an address by Professor Catherine Duggan, the Director of the UCT GSB.

EE: IEDP - Dubai

Having outlined some of the theory and insights around Middle Eastern capital markets, delegates will be afforded a deep dive into the organisations and institutions committed to meaningful change in Africa – in person.

EE: IEDP - Shanghai

Home of Huawei, CATL and hub of Tesla – delegates get an opportunities to engage with some of the most innovative companies in one of the most dynamic cities in China. The GSB is the proud alma mater of XX alumni from Shanghai.

EE: IEDP - Beijing

Heading further East, delegates get a chance to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and educational ethos, with a campus tour of one of Asia’s finest tertiary education institutions. The GSB committed to tertiary partnerships across the globe.

What our clients say

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No. Our IEDP is unique because each year has a topical theme. The theme for 2023 was ESG, so the focus was on leadership and best practice in the Environmental, Social and Governance elements of business – and the locations and companies were chosen in line with that. Future IEDPs will choose destinations aligned with their respective themes.

Our IEDP takes place on an annual basis – typically towards the end of a calendar year. But enquiries and applications are open throughout the year.

Yes. Delegates of this programme will be awarded with an official UCT GSB certificate in recognition of their having completed the International Executive Education Programme.

The IEDP will appeal to established and aspiring multinational or large organsiations, as well as ambitious and successful SMEs with their eyes on international best practice and networking, or global esxpansion. While each programme is themed, the core modules and teachings of the IEDP will apply to a broad range of industries and sectors.