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UCT GSB Customised Programmes are custom-designed to help organisations meet their own particular challenges. We understand that your training intervention needs to make a significant and relevant impact on your people's performance and move the bottom line. We will help you to think through the problems that you face and design the best solution, working closely with you to ensure that the intervention is precisely focused and aligned to your strategic goals.

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Ranked in the top 100 globally by the Financial Times


Adapt an existing programme or design a new one


We support you from inception to delivery and follow up


Choose the place for delivery that works best for you


The only African business school to win an EFMD Gold award for Customized Programmes

  • Choose exactly what you need
    Programmes can be adapted from existing short courses for continuing professional development, draw on our accredited academic programmes, or be designed from the ground up.
  • Align with your business goals
    Our distinctive design approach co-creates an effective training intervention to ensure relevance and clear outcomes that are aligned to your business strategy.
  • Draw on our resources and world-class faculty 
    We identify the most appropriate people to present your programme. The GSB has the largest full-time faculty in Africa - and many of our academics are globally recognised. In addition, we have access to a wide network of experienced practitioners and guest speakers who help to bring content alive.
  • Understand the challenges of an increasingly complex environment 
    We offer unique insight into doing business in emerging markets.
PGDip in Management Practice Specialising in Compliance Management

This UCT GSB specialised diploma for the financial services sector will give you practical skills-based knowledge and the management competencies needed for effective implementation. You will gain a deep understanding of both the technical and behavioural aspects of compliance and risk management and will emerge with strong managerial and leadership skills. The programme draws on systems thinking and focuses on personal mastery and values-based leadership. Running over three modules at the UCT GSB campus in Cape Town and its training facility in Johannesburg, the programme also includes an action learning project for you to put what you learn into practice.



"Training has a big impact on personnel, especially if you have more than one person from a team on the programme at any time. The GSB understood this and we were able to adapt the programme around our requirements” 
Indran Kistan, Regional Manager for Absa Private Banking


"We looked at quite a few offerings and many programmes were amazing but it was clear that the UCT GSB was the best. It is the only institution in Africa that had an executive education curriculum rated in the Top 100 business schools from around the world and that was important to us," 
Tracy Kemp,  HR consultant for Protea Toyota, an independent car dealership in Cape Town


"The programme has given us some really excellent results and the momentum is so good that it's expanding into how we do team work sessions, how we handle organisational challenges and other issues. It was out-of-the-box and radically different from what we had before but really spot-on."
Natasja Muller, Training and Development Manager at Anglo Gold Ashanti



“Customised solutions are really about engaging closely with the client. That means lots of time talking with people that are in senior levels of the organisation, but also the delegates before they come onto the programme.” 

- Dr Tim London, Head of Organisational Innovation & Senior Lecturer, UCT GSB

“We work and collaborate with the organisation to design and deliver the training intervention in the organisation ensuring high impact for the employees and ROI for the client and ensure that we solve the particular problem that they have.” 

- Rayner Canning, Business Development Director, UCT GSB

“We are training leaders that can navigate all of the various complexities of a world being volatile, uncertain, complex.” 

- Kumeshnee West, Director of Executive Education, UCT GSB


UCT GSB Customised Programmes are essentially co-created, adding to the richness and relevance of your training intervention.

Your dedicated support team will include:

  • A Learning Design Partner will be your main point of contact. They will conduct an initial needs assessment, recommend next steps and assemble an appropriate team to design and deliver the programme. 
  • The Course Convenor (Learning Integrator) will be responsible for programme design, development and facilitation. They will establish programme goals and lead a collaborative process to develop an effective learning solution. 
  • Our world-class faculty of thought leaders with applied research expertise, will bring their skills to the classroom and employ action learning techniques to make the content relevant to your business challenges.
  • A Programme Manager will be responsible for project management and the delivery of a successful client and delegate experience - whether on campus or further afield. 

The UCT GSB has a unique five-stage design process to create an effective intervention that caters to your specific learning and development needs.


We meet with you face-to-face to gain a full understanding of your organisation's business context and learning goals. Deliverables are defined and learning options reviewed. We will assign a dedicated support team consisting of a business developer, course convenor and programme manager.


We go away and conduct further research to gather stakeholder input and delve into the specific organisational challenges to be addressed. We will examine your business from a variety of perspectives and define key capability requirements.


We continue to work closely with you to co-design the programme. First, we define clear learning outcomes that are aligned to your business strategy and establish a best practice methodology to achieve these. Our programmes are designed to create the perfect balance between theoretical and applied learning and real-world challenges that relate learning back to your business context. Action learning techniques are employed to reinforce relevance.

Stage 4:  DELIVERY

In the classroom, we aim to inspire. Your programme will be a major learning and unlearning experience that provides participants with an opportunity to update their knowledge, acquire additional skills and develop the understanding required for an increasingly complex emerging market.
We identify the most appropriate people to present and facilitate your learning journey. The UCT GSB has the largest full-time faculty in Africa - and many of our academics are globally recognised. In addition, we have access to a wide-network of experienced practitioners and guest speakers who help to bring content alive.
Methods of instruction include lectures and case studies, syndicate group discussions on various assignments and an ongoing interchange of ideas with faculty and other participants which develops a useful network for the future.


We want to be sure that your learning intervention has had an impact on your organisation as much as you do. For that reason all our programmes are subject to a thorough evaluation and analysis and we will provide you with a client return on investment report at the conclusion of the process. Through this we identify strengths, potential refinements and opportunities for on-going professional development.

You can choose the place for delivery that works best for your organisation – whether it be at the UCT GSB's world-class Waterfront campus in Cape Town, our executive teaching facility in Johannesburg, or in-house. We are equipped to deliver off site and our footprint extends internationally.


Rayner Canning is the Director of Business Development at the UCT GSB. He is also responsible for a number of externally focused UCT GSB departments such as Admissions, Alumni Relations, Careers Services, Marketing and the UCT GSB's Executive training facility in Sandton, Johannesburg.