Fees are quoted for one year and are subject to annual increase

The UCT GSB fee structure for academic programmes, in keeping with other international business schools, has different rates for South African and non-South African students. 

South African / African citizens and permanent residents

Total fee 1st year 2023R225 330

Total fee 2nd year (for 2022 cohort): R202 850

Acceptance deposit: R25 000

Application fee: R2 070

Non-African residents and international students

Total fee 1st year 2023: R462 600

Total fee 2nd year (for 2022 cohort): R416 400

Acceptance deposit: R25 000

Application fee (for applications outside Africa): USD $300

Please note:

  • Fees are subject to annual increase. The fees for the next year are updated in December each year.
  • Application fees are non-refundable. Paying an application fee does not guarantee your application will be successful.
  • If you are offered a place on the Executive MBA programme you will be asked to pay an acceptance deposit. Acceptance deposits are non-refundable and will be credited to your student fee account.