There are two intakes annually on our sought-after Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice programme.

PGDip in Management Practice Course Format & Delivery

Four thematically designed courses

The PGDip in Management Practice is a rigorous modular programme which is taken over one year. The programme covers four compulsory courses. The PGDip has two intakes annually, one in February and one in May. The February intake has a face-to-face teaching component that requires students to attend classes at the UCT GSB Breakwater campus in Cape Town three times a year for 5 days. The May intake is facilitated as a full virtual programme where all teaching classes takes place live, online.


The programme is broken down into 3 courses with 2 teaching blocks each over a period of one year. 

PGDip Intake 1
Course 1:
Course 2:
Course 3:
Course 4:
Sept – end October
7 days face-to-face

9 days face-to face

7 days face-to face

PGDip Intake 2
Course 1:
Course 2:
Course 3:
Course 4:
January - end February
7 days live online9 days live online7 days live onlineAsynchronous Online
Group Assignment Individual Reflective Paper Individual Action Learning Project Online DiscussionsFinancial Acumen Assignment Group Assignment Action Learning Project Online DiscussionsPre-Assignment Group Assignment Individual Action Learning Project Online DiscussionsIndividual Action Learning Project Online Discussions

*Please note: Course designs are updated and adapted annually and there may therefore be changes in course assessment or specific teaching dates.


Approximately 1 – 2 weeks before each contact teaching block there will be preparatory work that students have to complete in their own time. This is essential in order to fully engage in classroom discussions.  


Students are required to attend and fully participate in all contact sessions (face-to-face or live virtual) during the course teaching blocks. The lectures are designed to facilitate interactions and knowledge sharing among students to draw on the diverse experiences of the student profile and enrich the theoretical and practical insights provided by the lecturer. During block sessions, students are allocated into syndicate groups for after-lecture discussions and group work during evenings.

A typical learning cycle for a course is depicted below:

Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Teaching Block
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Individual Assignment
1-2 Weeks7 - 9 Contact Teaching Days 1 Week
Individual Learning Process
Complete Preparatory Activities in Own TimeAttend Teaching Sessions (full days)Complete Course AdministrationComplete Individual Assignments
Group Assignment Process
Develop Team Management StrategyGroup Work on Group Assignment in EveningsComplete Group Assignment in Time as Arranged by Each Group


PGDip in Management Practice Intake 1 (In person)

Course 1: virtual start online in own time 13 – 19 February 2023
Course 1: face to face (7 contact days)20 – 28 February 2023

Course 2: face to face (9 contact days)8 – 18 May 2023

Course 3: face to face (7 contact days)10 - 18 July 2023
Course 4: non-contact 26 September 2023
ALP4 due: 13 November 2023                                                 

PGDip in Management Practice Intake 2 (virtual)

Course 1: virtual start online in own time 28 May – 4 June 2023

Course 1: live virtual attendance (7 days)5 June - 13 June 2023
Course 2: live virtual attendance (9 days)14 – 24 August 2023

Course 3: live virtual attendance (7 days) 23 - 31 October 2023                                                   
Course 4: non-contact

5 February 2024
ALP4 due: 8 April 2024