Leaders, managers and professionals in infrastructure sectors around the world are facing new and complex challenges and they need new skills and mindsets to support them in this time. The old model of state-owned, vertically integrated utilities is giving way to hybrid models with increased private sector participation and competition and new regulatory regimes are being put in place.

Reformed utilities need to deliver expanded and affordable services for the poor, while underpinning and supporting economic growth. At the same time, renewable energy is reaching grid-parity, distributed generation is on the rise and new reform and regulatory models need to be explored to accelerate investment and to manage power systems effectively.

The Power Futures Lab is responding to these challenges with targeted research, training and development, and public advocacy. Our aim is to inform, equip and empower those working in the sector to navigate this changing landscape with confidence.

Analysing South Africa’s REI4P Bid Window 5 Results

The 5th round of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REI4P) was recently announced, ostensibly signalling that renewable energy is the future of the South African power sector. It had been 6 years since the previous round. This window, also referred to as the Preferred Bidder Stage, had 25 bidders (Wind and PV) appointed with a total capacity of 2,583 MW. A number of changes were made in this round, including economic development thresholds and other qualification requirements.