MPhil in Inclusive Innovation Curriculum

The MPhil in Inclusive Innovation curriculum is structured around three main components:  learning, engaging, and reflecting and creating - this can be referred to as praxeology (the study of purposeful human action). Self-reflection, introspection and personal growth are core elements of the programme.


The programme provides a foundation in the fundamentals of inclusive innovation, as well as the challenges facing those working on social and environmental issues. A typical class flows from student presentations and group feedback to focusing on topics such as values-based leadership, business model innovation, social entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and design thinking.


From the start of the programme, innovators identify a problem of interest and start developing a deep understanding of the context behind the issue they'd like to address. They conduct independent research, including a literature review, field studies, interviews, observations and assessment of market needs. This scholarly approach leads to a fuller understanding of the practical possibilities for contributing to the issue concerned.


Personal reflections and peer-to-peer feedback all help to spur the intellectual development of inclusive innovators and their ideas.

Students on this degree will be examined on a single outcome which must include:

  • A research dissertation that has a strong narrative around the development of a prototype, framework or business model to address a specific social or environmental challenge. The submission must clearly illustrate a contribution to knowledge and practice.
  • A practical outcome or artefact (a prototype, framework, business model, etc.). This can be in planning stage only.

Please note: Your dissertation will need to be submitted within two years of registration. And while it is the only examinable outcome of the programme, attendance at all four modules is compulsory.

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