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Addis Ababa to Accra
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Only together can sparks of impact investing in Africa light the way forward

From Addis Ababa to Accra, Lagos to Lusaka, ground-breaking examples of impact investments are flourishing. The steady growth in this asset class, however, belies a fragmented playing-field.

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Posted on 25 May 2021 by UCT GSB Press Office
Impact Investing 2021
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

COVID-19: Impact investing’s inflection point

As South Africa marks the anniversary of its first lockdown we reflect on our journey toward a post-COVID economic recovery and how the systemic shift toward impact investing and other financial innovation may point the way to lasting change in the country.

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Posted on 1 April 2021 by Julia Woods Price
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Is investing for good reaching its tipping point?

With sustainable investments increasingly outperforming traditional options, millennials - the recipients of the greatest wealth transfer in history — are queuing up to get on board.

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Posted on 28 August 2020 by Natasha Dinham
susan de wit - vet
Learning & Development

From vet to visionary financial thinker - Susan de Witt (MBA)

MBA alumna Dr Susan de Witt is making a name for herself in an innovative area of impact investing, which has the radical potential of raising much-needed finance while also driving social and environmental benefits in Africa.

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Posted on 17 February 2020 by UCT GSB Press Office
The seeds of systems change are a
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The seeds of systems change are all around us

In order to disrupt the systems that perpetuate outdated principles we must involve and connect the people who are most impacted by that change.

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Posted on 30 August 2019 by Ncedisa Nkonyeni