Fees are quoted for one year and are subject to annual increase.

Programme Fees for 2022 CEMS intake*:

Total Programme Fees:

  • South African / African Citizens and Permanent Residents: R220 710
  • International Students: R331 070
  • Acceptance fee deposit: R25 000

Programme Fees Breakdown:

2022 Fees (for August-December 2022 term): 

  • South African / African Citizens and Permanent Residents: R94 410
  • International Students: R141 620

2023 Fees (for January-May/August 2023 term):

  • South African / African Citizens and Permanent Residents: 2nd Year R126 300
  • International Students: 2nd Year  R189 450

*All fees provisional subject to final approval in December 2022. Fees for 2023 term are subject to annual increase. 

In addition to the tuition fees above, CEMS charges a “Student Registration and Handling Fee” of €100. The fee is used to fund central administrative and IT services provided by CEMS to the students through www.cems.org.

Other variable costs students should plan for include:

  • Approximately €5000 for travel and accommodation expenses related to the compulsory semester/s abroad.
  • Cost of visa for the compulsory semester/s abroad, depending on destination selected.
  • Cost of living: Students are responsible for the cost of living (food, accommodation, study materials) during their terms, taking into consideration the terms abroad and varying differences in costs from country to country. For information indicated by the CEMS schools, please see the individual university CEMS programme pages accessible at http://www.cems.org/am
  • Block Courses: Due to the considerable organisational and financial burden associated with hosting a Block Seminar, most universities will request a financial contribution (between €100 and €300) from students. Please contact the CEMS MIM Programme Manager for details on possible financial contribution to Skill Seminars and the Global Citizenship Seminar.
  • Languages: Some institutions request a financial contribution for language teaching and/or testing. Students are responsible for the costs of commercial tests and courses.
  • Career Forum and Regional Student Events: Students can benefit from travelling to many student events within the CEMS network, which involve travel costs and possible participation fees.
  • Graduation: Students choosing to participate in the CEMS MIM graduation will be responsible for certain costs (travel, participation fee, dinner, invitation of guests).