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GSB Tasting Academy
A rigorous, tutored, intermediate-level wine judging programme run under the auspices of the prestigious Judging Academy. Delegates will be taught how to identify and, critically and forensically, analyse wines with differing origin, variety, age and style through a highly effective blind tasting methodology.

Key management decisions in wine making and vine culture
This bridging session will teach delegates how to approach value creation in wine production and understand the effect of location, size, form, volume and conventional and alternative winemaking and viticultural practices on management decisions in wine production.

Introduction to wine business management studies
This session will introduce the study of wine business management and the concept of the wine value chain. Delegates will become familiar with core concepts and themes in the field of wine business management.

Wine Economics
These sessions will give delegates insight into the macro and micro economic environment that affects wine businesses in South Africa.  At the end of the programme, delegates will be expected to be able to critically assess current economic trends and challenges facing wine businesses in South Africa.

Strategic challenges facing the South African wine industry
At the end of the programme delegates will be expected to give critical insights and suggest interventions to foster competitiveness while addressing key contemporary challenges facing South African wine businesses, which are embedded in an emerging market context. These issues include: development of the local market and emerging markets; transformation and human resource challenges; climate change; potential ban on alcohol advertising; and changing consumer patterns.

Historical and structural analysis of the South African wine industry
This session concentrates on the historic, social, anthropological and economic development of the South African wine industry and provides key insights into its current structure and dynamics.

Regulatory and international trade challenges in wine business management
These practitioner-driven sessions will give delegates insight into the dynamic regulatory environment and challenges that affect wine businesses in South Africa. It will deal with critical aspects such as: international trade regulations, organisations, clusters and agreements; market access issues; export regulations and exchange rate concerns; certification, standardisation and licensing conventions; aspects of intellectual property related to wine products; and logistics and distribution concerns affecting wine businesses.

Business plan formulation
Delegates will learn to how to formulate a medium-term business plan using relevant wine business models and cases.

Strategic management and blue ocean strategy
Delegates will learn how to approach developing and implementing innovative strategic plans and sustainable business models in wine businesses through practical working sessions and case study analysis.

Key financial management decisions in wine businesses
An intensive programme which develops an adaptable understanding of key financial management principles, templates, reports, ratios, financing models, benchmarks, processes and acceptable practices necessary in creating value for stakeholders in wine business of differing sizes, form  and operating at various points in the wine value chain.

Strategic wine marketing: traditional and emerging markets.
Delegates will learn how to adaptably apply various strategic wine marketing principles and practices to their own organisations and cases in both traditional and emerging wine markets.

Brand and sales management and negotiation
Delegates will be taught the basics of: classification models and quality tiers in the global wine value chain; consumer insight analysis; wine brand building; sales management; and effective negotiation tactics specific to wine businesses.

Digital marketing, communication and media studies
Delegates will be guided on practical wine business communication techniques and principles focusing on developing and leveraging e-marketing, social media, traditional media and public relations resources.

Wine tourism studies
Wine tourism may be seen as a form of consumer behaviour, opportunity to create regional competitive advantage through cross-sector collaboration and a channel to drive product sales and build brands. Delegates will be expected to apply principles related to planning and executing effective wine tourism strategies.



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