RPL Requirements



The following skill/competencies and the match with the required level of learning outcomes will be assessed based on your submission of your Portfolio of Evidence (POL):

Categories: Skill/Competency Abbreviation Short Description of each Category:
(generalised and applicable to all NQF level):

Scope of Knowledge


This category is related to the candidate's scope and depths of knowledge on Management Practices in the field of Business Administration and the level of understanding of key concepts, principles and theories.

Knowledge Literacy


This category shows awareness/understanding of how knowledge is generated, processed and evaluated in the area of Business Administration.

Method and procedure


This category comprises the selection and application of appropriate methods, techniques and procedures in the context of the workplace.

Problem solving


This category is related to the skills and abilities to solve different types of problems in the workplace by using the knowledge and skills described in the categories above.

Ethics and professional practices


This category comprises the knowledge, application and evaluation of professional ethical practices in the context of the workplace.

Accessing, processing and managing information


This category is related to the scope of sources of information, depths of information processing and ways to manage information in its (various) contexts.

Producing and communicating of information


This category represents the ability to appropriately produce, communicate and present information (professional and academic) in written, oral and practical form to audiences.

Context and Systems


This Category shows the ability to operate in a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts, the level of understanding and managing of systems and the relationships between elements within the system.

Management of Learning


This Category represents the ability to evaluate own and others levels of performance and learning. Further, this category assesses the capacity to apply learning strategies for on-going, self-directed learning.



This Category represents the ability to take full responsibility for your own work, decision making and the use of resources.