Prof Thomas Koelble

Prof Thomas Koelble

Globalisation, European politics, Business, governance and society, Electoral laws, South African democracy

POSITION: Professor
QUALIFICATIONS: PhD (University of California), MA, BA
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Prof Thomas Albert Koelble

Professor Thomas Koelble convenes the Business, Government and Society course at the UCT GSB, designed to assist students in understanding the broader context within which businesses in emerging markets operate.  He has published widely on issues pertaining to the global economy and local democracy, economic decision-making, social democracy, electoral and political systems and organisations, identity politics and democratic theory.  

He is currently working on several international research projects - funded by the South African National Research Foundation - that deal with issues pertaining to the global financial markets and domestic economic policy, local governance and service delivery, traditional leadership and public administration, and finally the impact of trans-national eco-tourism on local communities in Southern Africa.

Koelble previously taught political economy at the University of California, Oberlin College in Ohio, and at the University of Miami before returning to South Africa in the late 1990's.  He joined the UCT GSB as Director of the MBA programme in 2000.  He held that position until 2003 and has since then been a faculty member.  He holds a PhD in political science.