Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Development Finance, Econometrics, Statistics and Financial Economics

POSITION: Director: DEFIC & Development Finance Programmes
QUALIFICATIONS: PhD (The Queen's University of Belfast), MSc
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Prof Nicholas Budeo Biekpe

Professor Nicholas Biekpe is a Professor of Development Finance & Econometrics & Programme Director for the UCT GSB's Master of Commerce in Development Finance (MCom) and Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance degree programmes.

He is also President of the Africagrowth Institute and Executive Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Development Finance.

He has published extensively in accredited academic journals and is a six-time recipient of the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s Award for Research Excellence and two-time recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence.

Biekpe supervises a number of doctoral and master’s students in the broad area of development economics and finance. He has also raised significant funds for a number of development projects in Africa.

He has consulted extensively in the area of development finance for a number of African governments and international organisations including the UNDP, UNEP, UNECA, DFID, the World Bank, DBSA, Ford Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Gates Foundation, South African Government, other African Governments and other private sector institutions. 

He holds an MSc in Applied Statistics and Operational Research (London) and a PhD in International Finance (Queens, UK).  He is a Chartered Statistician & Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society of Great Britain and a Chartered Scientist of the Science Council of the United Kingdom. He is the Executive Editor of the African Finance Journal, Executive Editor of Review of Development Finance and Managing Editor of both Africagrowth Agenda Journal and Development Finance Agenda Magazine.