Dr Caitlin  Ferreira

Dr Caitlin  Ferreira

Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Quantitative Analysis

POSITION: MBA Programme Director
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Dr Caitlin Ferreira

Dr Caitlin Ferreira holds a PhD in Industrial Marketing from the Luleå University of Technology where she focused on the intersection between marketing and entrepreneurship and the changing nature of entrepreneurship. She holds three further degrees from the University of Cape Town specialising in marketing, economics, and finance.

She is particularly interested in the intersections of marketing with other disciplines and the ways in which marketers can ensure a more sustainable focus to their marketing efforts. She has lectured at several institutions both locally, in the public and private sectors, and abroad. She maintains a steadfast passion for merging relevant industry insights with theoretical content to foster her students’ critical and creative thinking skills, getting them ready for a future world of work. Outside of academia, Caitlin has been a marketing and research consultant for several years where she assists companies with the successful implementation of research projects.

She serves on the editorial boards of international journals and has presented her research at both local and international conferences. She has published in several peer-reviewed international journals including the Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, International Business Review and the Journal of Product and Brand Management.