Meet the Venture Incubation Programme (VIP) Winter School start ups


17 October 2017

Latest cohort of innovation-driven startups at the Solution Space.

Starting a new venture requires discipline, perseverance, action, risk-taking and passion. These qualities cannot be taught in an academic curriculum — the real world is the best teacher for entrepreneurship.

This is the main principle behind the Venture Incubation Programme (VIP), at the UCT Graduate School of Business Solution Space. Our mission is to inspire, nurture and equip the next generation of leaders to build a better future.

Twice a year, that mission comes to life when a selection of entrepreneurs are put through their paces in an intensive three-month programme of live learning and rigorous practice. The VIP enables the ventures to develop their idea, test their product in the market, build their team and establish a viable business.

Our winter cohort features eight early-stage start-ups. Meet our risk-takers and passionate ventures.

Split Second Science is a specialised service that encourages children and teenagers to engage with different aspects of science. Taking an edu-tainment approach that generates scientific curiosity, the learners are able to enrich their science education in a playful environment.

Clock Work is a mobile application for companies that streamlines the process of finding, managing and paying temporary low-skilled staff for every-day tasks such as landscaping, cleaning or building.

Zibipen is developing a new generation of reusable adrenaline auto injectors that can be customised to the patient's body fat percentage and muscle mass to ensure optimum adrenalin absorption.

Nunanny matches pre-screened babysitters and nannies with parents seeking trusted child-carers.

Kuba is a software platform that facilitates trading between formal and informal markets. It is designed to empower small business owners in informal communities by providing access to project management, invoicing and administration tools required to complete business transactions.

Isidlo Aquaculture is a black empowerment partnership venture created to expand on an existing inland freshwater fish-farming operation in Atlantis, on the outskirts of Cape Town. 


Mudanga is an online marketplace that promotes, showcases and sells African products, enabling African entrepreneurs to develop their talents and earn a sustainable income.

Walaa is a ride-sharing platform that aims to connect drivers and passengers on long-distance journeys, helping to reduce the costs of transport and cut carbon emissions for travellers.

The winter 2017 programme commenced in September and we are looking forward to seeing the ventures grow into their entrepreneurial journeys. Sign up to our newsletter to follow their progress or RSVP to attend our Demo Day on 30 November.




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