How to complete your PhD application


31 Oct

Application deadline


Now that you have decided to take the next step, let us guide you on your application journey for the PhD programme.

The following section contains everything you need to know about applying for an PhD at the UCT Graduate School of Business. We recommend that you take the time required to familiarise yourself with the application requirements. It is vital that you understand what is required in terms of the documents you need to fill out, what supporting documents are required and how they need to be submitted.

Applicants need to be in possession of a recognised Master's degree (or in special circumstances, at the discretion of the Senate, an approved Bachelor's degree or qualification recognised by the Senate as equivalent). They must demonstrate that they have the necessary competencies in research methodology and practice that are required for the completion of an independent study research degree.

Applicants will need to include with their application a nomination of a suitable supervisor. Your nominated PhD supervisor must be a full-time academic at the GSB and must be actively publishing in the scholarly literature in the field in question. GSB faculty can discuss applicants' research ideas and preliminary proposal at their discretion, but we advise applicants not to contact potential supervisors without some preliminary research ideas.

Note that it is not always possible to find a supervisor who is both suitable and available and an applicant cannot be registered if there is no available supervisor for the proposed research at the GSB. (For a full list of GSB faculty and their research interests, please see here).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please complete all 4 steps below and most importantly, the UCT Online Application (the last step).



Documents to prepare

All the compulsory documentation you need to read through and download and submit with your application.

Masters Dissertation

Submitting your masters dissertation

How to pay your application fee

All the payment information you need to know about

Submitting your online application

All students applying to UCT need to complete this online process.




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Information Sessions

An opportunity to meet the GSB recruitment team and alumni, and have all your course-related questions answered.

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