Inclusive innovators explore solutions for needs that have typically gone unmet. Meeting these needs and creating solutions that are relevant, calls for empathy (focusing on human needs), engagement, cooperation and listening to all stakeholders. As a result, innovators will need to be competent in community engagement, co-creation across sectors and silos, and learning alongside stakeholders and specialists.

They will have to work with so-called "wicked problems" - those that have an evolving nature and demand new concepts and adjustments to common understandings. This is one of the reasons why inclusive innovators will have to facilitate their own personal learning, in conjunction with group learning and system learning on a larger scale.

It's a learning journey that is very self-driven - a challenge that makes the MPhil in Inclusive Innovation programme effective and unique. Between modules, innovators are expected to reflect, consolidate classwork and engage with fellow students, other lecturers, partner organisations and local communities.

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