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Managing Infrastructure Investment Reform and Regulation In Africa (MIRA)


A centre of excellence

Managing Infrastructure Investment Reform and Regulation In Africa (MIRA) strives to be a leading centre of excellence and expertise for Africa and other emerging and developing economies. Based at the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business, MIRA aims at enhancing understanding and building capacity in infrastructure investment, reform and regulation in support of sustainable development. MIRA's main focus at present is in the electricity and water sectors, but growth is expected in gas. MIRA works on three fronts, providing: executive and professional short courses; research related to the frontiers of infrastructure reform and regulation in Africa; and professional support and policy advocacy. 

Backed by an international network of experts

The Centre is led by Prof Anton Eberhard and employs a wide network of management and regulatory experts from a number of leading local and international partners. The commitment is to provide cutting-edge international knowledge and expertise which is relevant to the experience of African countries and other emerging and developing economies.

Focus on executive and professional short courses

A suite of intensive one week residential courses are offered for leaders and professionals in government, regulatory authorities, utilities and the private sector. Some courses target senior executive managers while others focus on developing professional regulatory skills. Some courses are sector-specific (e.g. the electricity industry) - while others cover generic issues in the network infrastructure industries, with some parallel sessions on sector-specific issues, in electricity, gas, telecommunications, water and transport. Courses can also be custom-designed and be delivered at home institutions.

Supported by leading-edge research

The courses are backed by an academic programme of research. Doctoral and Post-Doc students work with Faculty on research topics in the area of infrastructure investment, restructuring and regulation related topics. The research ensures that the executive and professional short courses benefit from a continued deepening of knowledge which reflects the frontiers of international perspectives and understanding, and African experience.

Responding to change

Leaders, managers and professionals in infrastructure sectors around the world are facing new and complex challenges. The old model of state-owned, vertically integrated utilities is giving way to hybrid models with increased private sector participation and competition. New regulatory regimes are being put in place and reformed utilities need to deliver expanded and affordable services for the poor, while underpinning and supporting economic growth. Renewable energy is reaching grid-parity, distributed generation is on the rise and new reform and regulatory models need to be explored to accelerate investment and to manage power systems effectively.

This is the focus of the MIRA programme at the GSB: to undertake research, education and training, and public advocacy oriented towards improved management of the reform and regulation of infrastructure industries in support of sustainable development.

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