MCom in Development Finance students are required to write a dissertation, with the guidance of a supervisor, which delves deeply into a topic of interest.


Abolade, Temitayo
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Low Income Communities in Nigeria
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan & Dr Steven Rogers

Amsterdam, Kirsten
The effect of financial innovation on economic growth in African Countries
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Boakye, Mary-Ann
Corporate governance and firm efficiency in the long-term insurance market in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Bongiwe, Beja
Understanding the role played by Pension Fund Trustees and Investment Consultants in Responsible Investment Strategies in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif  Alhassan & Dr Steven Rogers

Chigiji, Kudzai
Determinants of Loss Reserve Errors: Evidence from the General Insurance Market in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Chilinkhwambe, Tamara
Foreign Aid and Economic Growth in Sub Saharan Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Chiromo, John
The Impact of Farm Inputs Subsidies on Economics Efficiency of Maize Production in Malawi
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Choga, Howard
The reform of the Electricity Supply Industry in Zimbabwe and its impact on power sector investments since 2002
Supervisor: Prof Anton Eberhard

Emvula, Aune
Evaluating the impact of the upgrades to the facilities at Namibia largest International Airport
Supervisor: Prof Glen Holman

Finlay, Peter
The factors that create a successful mobile money ecosystem: Kenya vs Nigeria
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Fourie, Gerhard
Enabling Sustainable Development through Logistics: A Case of Southern Africa
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Goslar, Anthony
Strategic Risks to Sustainability in Infrastructural Megaprojects
Supervisor: Prof Tom Ryan

Govender, Sharlene
The impact of a change in sovereign credit ratings on stock market volatility: A comparison of emerging and developed countries
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Chateris and Dr Latif Alhassan

Gqoboka, Lithalethu
An assessment of capital expenditure required to establish a steel distribution business, as a barrier to entry into the steel distribution industr
Supervisor: Dr Badri Zolfaghari

Iiyambo, Hilma
Exploring the Capital Investment Practice of Mining Corporations in Namibia
Supervisor: Dr Badri Nooshin Zolfaghari

Jectone, Achieng
Critical Success Factors for Private and Public-Private Partnership Investments in Renewable Energy Development in Kenya 
Supervisor: Dr Mundia Kabinga

Kamanga, Tayina
The Role of Financial Literacy in Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets: Evidence from South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Kambole, Christopher
Interest Rate Ceiling and Financial Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in Zambia
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Karimatsenga, Sharon
The relationship between infrastructure and foreign investment inflows to South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Mabasa, Collins
Mechanisms for funding youth businesses in South Africa: The role of DFIs
Supervisors:  Dr Alhassan & Dr Akotey Joseph

Maloba, Michelle
Determinants of agri-lending among financial institutions in Kenya
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Marandu, Simon Hlomayi
The Impact of FDI on Economic Growth in Southern African Countries
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Charteris

Matsolo, Nolitha
Are public private partnerships catalysing economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa?
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Mazibuko, Patras
Modelling the Africa Diaspora Pension Fund: Likely financing instrument for Africa’s development infrastructure
Supervisors:  Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Motelle

McGregor, Henry
A Cross Sectional Study of the Capital Structures of Firms Listed on the JSE
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Mkhwanazi, Thulile
Foreign Direct Investment and the Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe and Roland Banya

Motsepe, Molatelo
An industry level analysis of demand for insurance in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Moyo, Onesimo
The Impact of mobile communications infrastructure investment on economic growth in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Muchinguri, Tawanda
Investment promotion: Foreign direct investment determinants and policy framework analysis for India – Lessons for Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Charteris

Mudyazvivi, Elton
An analysis of push and pull factors of capital flows in a regional trading bloc
Supervisor:  Dr Sean Gossel

Mulumba, Clive Mutale
Foreign borrowing and economic growth in Zambia: An econometric analysis
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Mungendje, Louis
The causal relationship between road transport infrastructure development and economic growth in Namibia (1990-2014)
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Murambadoro, Betty
The role of development finance institutions and aid agencies in Zimbabwe’s achievement of Sustainable Development Goals
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Mutale, Kangómbe
The role of Development Finance Institutions (DFI) in economic growth in Zambia
Supervisor: Dr Mundia Kabinga

Muthanta, Lunda
The effect of sovereign debt on capital inflows to Zambia
Supervisor: Lungelo Gumede

Mwiinga Mwiinga
Determinants of exports in Zambia’s Manufacturing Sector
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Motelle

Nakashole, Ndapewoshali Nawala
The Impact of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) on Trade in Namibia
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Namoloh, Julius
Savings, investment and economic growth in Namibia
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Charteris

Namhla, Saba
Alternative financing of teacher education in South Africa: Stakeholder affinity
Supervisor: Dr Mundia Kabinga

Nemaramba, Nhongerai
Investigating the effects of dollarization on economic growth in Zimbabwe (1990-2015)
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Ailie Charteris

Ngoma, Diana
The impact of stock market performance on economic growth of Malawi
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Charteris & Dr Latif Alhassan

Nkotsoe, Leonard
Determinants of life insurance penetration in SADC
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Nthaga, Laone Gosego
An analysis of the profitability and sustainability of savings and credit cooperatives in Botswana
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Nyaruwata, Tinashe
Mobile Money Provision and Adaptation in a Multi-currency Economy: The case of Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Dr Mundia Kabinga

Nzonde, Patient
Migrant remittances and socio-economic status of recipient households in the DRC: The case of Congolese migrants in the Western Cape in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Mills Soko

Paavo, Elia
The impact of commercial banks development on economic growth in Namibia
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Pretorius, Ramon
The bank of Japan’s intervention in exchange-traded funds as an effective monetary policy tool
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Mr Valeri Sokolovski

Robinson, Gezimanti
Good Governance as A Key to the Flow of Foreign Development Aid: The Sub-Saharan Africa Perspective
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Ruiters, Michele
Gender inequality and its impact on economic growth: a study of the relationship between gender inequality in employment, education and growth in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan & Dr Ailie Charteris

Sekele, Ezekiel Chisenga
Government expenditure variables and economic growth in Zambia
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Selamolela, Nokuthula
The impact of transport infrastructural development on economic growth in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Seroka, Ngwanatau Tennies
The influence of financing structure on performance of MSMEs in South Africa: “The valley of death”
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Sesele, Mmathabo
Determinants of private investment in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Sibanda, Michael
Determinants of sovereign credit ratings in an emerging economy: A case of South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Sichula, Mwembe
Impact of the global financial crisis and its implications for the Zambian banking sector: An econometric study
Supervisor: A/Prof Janine Mukuddem-Petersen

Sithole, Mupangi
The relationship between access to debt finance and viability of small & medium enterprises in Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Sookha, Keshal
The impact of mobile communications infrastructure investment on economic growth in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Swanepoel, Debbie
How have world shocks affected the business cycles of Africa’s frontier economies?
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Charteris

Syanga, Malumo
Does public debt spur or hinder economic growth in Zambia?
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Taole, Tsepo Ntsoane
The relationship between infrastructure and foreign investment inflows to South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Thabane, Matela
Assessing the Principal Agent Problem in Mobile Money Services: Lessons from M – PESA in Lesotho
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Marwa

Tjonga, Lorence
An evaluation of the challenges facing MSMEs in the informal settlements of Namibia
Supervisor:  Dr Ailie Charteris

Wahito, Isaac
Effect of transaction costs on international remittance flows from developed countries: A Sub-Saharan context
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Charteris

Wolgast, Jackie
Foreign aid for economic Growth: A case study of Uganda
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Jones Odei

Adesiyan, Olufunmilayo
The impact of public spending on education in Nigeria
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Anderson, Larry
The relationship between commodity price volatility and exchange rate stability in a single commodity dependent economy: The case of Zambia   
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Andiswa, Akyere
The effect of housing micro-finance on household welfare
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Marwa

Avramis, Nicholas
Private capital: How alternative mortgage financing can address the challenges associated with South Africa's "gap housing" market             
Supervisor: Mr Hamutyinei Harvey Pamburai

Bwalya, Derby Kapota
Investigating the impact of FDI on non-traditional exports & imports in Zambia
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Bwalya, Obed
An analysis of the causality effect of exchange rate and interest yields: A case study of Zambia
Supervisor: Prof Enrico Uliana

Canning, Rayner
Review of social impact bonds in the South African educational sector
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Aunnie Patton

Chipswa, Isaac
A quantitative analysis of factors influencing housing demand in South Africa   
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Chitiyo, Fadzai
Demand for non-life insurance: Evidence from select insurance markets in Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Chozi, Lungu
The impact of political events on the kwacha: A focus on elections
Supervisor: Lungelo Gumede

Dhanah, Darlington
Small business and job creation in South Africa
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Roland Banya

Dlamini, Mandisa
The case of land banks retail emerging markets for emerging farmers: Was it a success?
Supervisor: Dr Nceku Nyathi

Hasheela, Sem
The impact of development finance institutions on the growth of SMEs in Windhoek, Namibia
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Kambobe, Chanda
Investigating the causes and effects of weak corporate governance that hinder successful performance of African National Development Banks: A case study of Development Bank of Zambia
Supervisor: A/Prof Mlenga Jere

Kasase, William
Business incubators in Zambia: A study of the impact on small business enterprises
Supervisor: A/Prof Mlenga Jere

Lallie, Silimela
High-density affordable housing development debt funding: A best-in-class model for impact investing
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe and Dr Cheruiyot

Leboea, Sikhametsi
The factors influencing SME failure in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Tom Ryan

Lukhele, Mathalea
Measuring fiscal incidence and its redistributive impact in Swaziland
Supervisor: Prof John Luiz

Mahlaole, Tahane
The relationship between foreign direct investment and the maturity of the real estate market: an assessment of investment activities of South African real estate companies
Supervisor: Prof Francois Viruly

Majawa, Bongani
The fundamental determinants of the South African real exchange rate from 1995 to 2014
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Malumba, Zanele
Organisation as communication: An empirical study of how the communication of impact investing is shaping its development in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria             
Supervisor: A/Prof Stephanie Giampocaro

Marot, Sarah
The ability of renewable energy assets to attract private investment capital
Supervisor: Prof Tom Ryan

Matheba, Themba
The impact of the introduction of e-filing on personal income tax revenue in South Africa
Supervisor:  Hamutyinei Harvey Pamburai

Mathebula, Percy
Catalytic effects of IMF agreements on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows in Sub Saharan Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Mbanjawa, Lucky
The execution of corporate social responsibility strategies for "community" benefit: A case study of the South African mining & quarry industry and Makhwanazi traditional community in uThungula District (Kwazula Natal)               
Supervisor: Dr Mare Sarr

Mboji, Lulama
Impact of the tax burden on long run economic growth: A BRICS perspective
Supervisor: Mr Hamutyinei Harvey Pamburai

Mndolwa, Florence
Determinants of gender disparities in financial inclusion: Insights from Tanzania
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Mogaladi, George
The management of foreign exchange risk by JSE-listed companies: An empirical investigation
Supervisor: Lungelo Gumede

Molewa, Kholofelo
Is renewable energy a suitable investment choice for South African non-bank institutional investors?
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Sharron McPherson

Mshanga, Mayase
Industrial policy, economic growth and unemployment in the wake of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis: The Zambian Perspective
Supervisor: A/Prof Janine Mukuddem-Petersen

Mutopo, Yvonne
Rethinking health care financing models: The case of Zimbabwe’s health secto
Supervisor: Dr Mundia Kabinga

Muyaba, Andrew
Public spending and economic growth in Zambia: An econometric analysis
Supervisor: A/Prof Janine Mukuddem-Petersen

Muyangwa, Nambwenga
The impact of credit finance on small and medium agribusiness in Zambia: The case of  ZNFU LCS
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Mwase, Joe
The over indebtedness of public servants in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Ndapewelao, Lovisa
The impact of financial development on private investment in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Ndemera, TendaiLiberalisation of capital controls: A review of South African exchange controls and their impact on exchange rate stability
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Valerie Sokolovski

Ndlovu, Simphiwe Emmanuel
Evaluating the impact of Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in South Africa’s economy
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Nghinpangwa, Simon
Water infrastructure finance in Namibia: Analysing the participation of State and non-State actors
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Nkosi, Thabiso 
The risk appetite of development finance institutions (DFIs) and funding for start-ups in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Motelle

Noor, Hanifa
Determining factors that influence financial inclusion among SMEs: The case of Harare Metropolitan
Supervisor: A/Prof Mlenga Jere

Nxumalo, Londa
Fusion of charity and commercial investment principles to maximise social investment in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Tom Ryan

Oyebanjo, Olawale
Determinants of economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa: Decomposition of exports and imports
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Pule, Lebohang Las Leboya   
Effect of dynamic option hedging on price movements in the South African equity market
Supervisors: Dr Ailie Charteris & Johan De Kock

Riba, Lerato
The relationship between tax and economic growth. A South Africa case study
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Samate, Ireen
Effect of monetary policy rate announcements on stock prices in Zambia
Supervisor: Lungelo Gumede

Tinavapi, Cuthbert
Effect of stock market development on long run economic growth-case of Johannesburg stock exchange in post-apartheid Southern Africa
Supervisor: Dr Latif Alhassan

Tokwayo, Yonela
An analysis of the potential socio-economic impacts of shale gas development in South Africa
Supervisors: Katye Altieri & Tara Caetano

Tongowona, Admire
The economic evaluation of aquaculture as a climate change adaptation option in fisher communities of Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Dr Ailie Heather Charteris

Tudane, Abiel
Corruption distance and FDI in Africa
Supervisors: Dr Latif Alhassan & Edward Nko

Zipthethe-Makola, Sandiswa
Relationship between AUM and alpha in South African equity mutual funds
Supervisor: Lungelo Gumede

Zungu, Timisela
Defying the odds: Understanding the critical success factors for financing independent power producers in Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Prof Aton Eberhard and Wikus Kruger

Banda, Ason
Evaluating commercialisation models in the water supply sector: A comparative case analysis of LWSC, Aguas Andinas and Johannesburg Water (2001-2014)
Supervisor:  Dr Mundia Kabinga

Bayen Bayen, Eddie
The Determinants of participation in microfinance and its impact on rural welfare: Case Study of the National Development Bank Botswana’s Temo Bokamoso Lending programme in Kweneng District.
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

De Villiers, John
Simulation-Based Valuation of Project Finance Investments in sub-Saharan Africa and its Effects on Net Present Value and Default Probabilities
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe 

Hutton, Simon
An Analysis of Candlestick Charting: the Predictive Power of the Three-Outside-Up and Three-Outside-Down Candlestick Patterns in the Context of Small Capitalization Stocks in the USA.
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Kabengele, Godfrey
Comparative Assessment of Matching Grants and Microcredit Interventions in Improving Livelihood of Peasant Farmer in Mazabuka District, Zambia
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Magqaza, Ayanda
An exploratory study of project financing urban infrastructure in affordable housing, South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Manthata, Olympus
Green Bonds as a more effective way of capitalizing the South African National Green Fund.
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Maponga, Chivimbiso
Exploratory study to evaluate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Namibia’s manufacturing sector
Supervisor: Dr Eliada Griffin-EL

Matlaila, Mamoekeng
The Industrial Development Corporation’s distressed funding: Effectiveness in rescuing distressed companies following the global financial crisis of advised and non-advised individual investors
Supervisor: Dr Co-Pierre Georg

Mburu, Shirley
A qualitative analysis of social enterprises as mechanisms for boosting agricultural productivity in Kenya
Supervisor: Dr Eliada Griffin-EL

Moodliar, Loshini
Promoting regional trade in the SADC Region: Identifying opportunities for manufactured exports from South Africa in Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Prof Mills Soko

Mujaji, Shingirai
Pre-paid electricity model in Zimbabwe: A cost benefit analysis
Supervisor: Dr Anthony Leiman

Mukadi, Basala
Impact of transaction costs on intra Southern African migrants remittances
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Naidoo, Lushan
A Markowitz mean-variance analysis of hedge fund investments for multi-asset class portfolio holders in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Ryan Kruger

Ngubo, Nompumelelo
Contemporary insights into dynamics of Foreign Direct Investments in Zambia
Supervisor: A/Prof Mills Soko

Ntsaluba, Sango
Comparative analysis of financing instruments used by development finance institutions: Lessons for BRICS Development Bank
Supervisor: Prof Matthew Ocran

Pepper, Nicholas Edward
Bound to impact: A best practices guide to term sheets in African Impact investing deals
Supervisors: Aunnie Patton & Dr Sharron McPherson

Shoko, Ropafadzo Anesu
The Effects of the Economic Structural Adjustment Programs on Agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa: A Case Study of Zimbabwe 1990-2000
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Sithole, Londa
Using project bonds to fund South Africa’s infrastructure development
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Prof Matthew Ocran

Sze, Winnie Wing Yin
A critical assessment of the South African bond market
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Tippoo, Ann-Maree
Responsible Investment in the South African Pension Fund Industry: A Critical Analysis.
Supervisor:  Reza C Daniels

Alexander, Donovan
An assessment of capital budget planning and municipal borrowing as funding source in the Overstrand municipality in the Western Cape
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Prof Paul Alagidede

Bennot, Adam
Crowdfunding’s potential in the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem: Is there a role to play in catalysing Venture Capital? 
Supervisor: A/Prof Stephanie Giamporcaro

Grobler, Anna Elizabeth (Annette)
Towards sustainable microfinance: The case of Capitec Bank and Grameen Bank
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Gumede, Lungelo
Examining the Introduction and Expiration Price Effect of Warrants on their Underlying Assets: Evidence from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Supervisor:  Prof Francois Toerien

Hoffman, Dieter
Measuring Financial Development
Supervisor: Prof Paul Alagidede

Kirigi, Linda Gathoni
Sensemaking and sensegiving apabilities and resilience: A study of a manufacturing MSME in Kenya
Supervisor: Dr. Farai Kapfudzaruwa

Makhwatha, Alexander
The impact of public spending on roads infrastructure on Malawi’s economic growth
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Maredi, Lydia
Investigating the causes of delays at border posts:  A focus on institutional and infrastructural factors at Beitbridge Border Post
Supervisor: Dr Steven Rogers

Maseko, Michael
Foreign Direct Investment and economic growth in South Africa: A sector level causality analysis
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Masunda, Collen
Determinants of non-performing loans in a multicurrency enviroment: A case of Zimbabwe
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Prof Joshua Abor

Mbugua, Alvin
Linking the Sophistication of Financial Markets in Kenya with the Possible Creation of a Sustainability Index
Supervisor: A/Prof Stephanie Giamporcaro

Memela, Melody
An investigation into the evolution of sustainability reporting among the JSE top 10 socially responsible companies
Supervisor: Dr Farai Kapfudzaruwa

Millington, Faith Winifred Eileen
The impact of remittances on GDP in CARICOM
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Msulwa, Baraka
The impact of credit constraints on agricultural productivity in Tanzania
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Prof Joshua Abor

Mubonderi, Joseph
Investigating the factors that constrain growth of funded SMME'S in Kwazulu Natal Province: A Case study of Ithala Development Finance Corporation
Supervisor: Prof Enrico Uliana

Musonzo, Charity
Malawi farm input subsidy programme: Impact on income of smallholder farmers
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Barry Standish

Ndebele, Nontokozo
South African asset manager perceptions on the integration of climate change risks into equity investment decision-making processes
Supervisor: Dr Farai Kapfudzaruwa

Ngandwe, Mumbi
An Econometric assesment of external debt sustainability indicators in Zambia
Supervisor: Dr Mundia Kabinga

Nkomo, Juliana
Can individuals be influential in driving sustainable and responsible investing?
Supervisor: A/Prof Stephanie Giamporcaro

Nyere, Shepherd
Beijing Consensus: Alternative for Africa’s Development Challenges? The Case for Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Dr Mark Ellyne

Shine, Ritta
Donor funding and crowding out of public spending: Evidence from low and middle-income countries
Supervisor: Prof Paul Alagidede

Tshitangano, Tom
Mergers and acquisitions performance within telecommunications, media and technology sector: Case of JSE listed companies
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe 

Xolo, Siyavuya
Exploration of alternative financing strategy for the small and medium enterprise in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor 

Chater, Rachel
Social entrepreneurship in Kenya: Understanding models, drivers, constraints and opportunities for enhanced impact in health care   
Supervisor: Dr Eliada Griffin-EL

Feudjou, Alain
Foreign aid and economic growth in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Williams Brafu-Insaidoo

Gitonga, Loise Ndzululeka
Financial inclusion: A look at the institutional and credit organisational enablers in the South African market
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor

Govender, Tamara
The impact of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment on financial performance of top empowered companies listed on the JSE in South Africa
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Babita Mathur-Helm

Hamnca, Ephraim
Venture capital and entrepreneurial development in Gauteng
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor

Kapepula, Annie
Communication and its impact on enterprise financial sustainability
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor

Lekatsa, Teboho Louis
The sustainability of micro-finance Institutions in South Africa
Supervisor: Barry Standish

Lentsoane, Lerato
An assessment of the barriers to entry and expansion for small, medium and micro enterprises in the cement industry in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Sephooko Motelle

Luckscheiter, Jochen
Impact investing in South Africa identifying the global and local forces shaping this emerging investment market
Supervisor: A/Prof Stephanie Giamporcaro

Maitho, Edwin
The effects of the liberalisation of capital controls with respect to the inflow of foreign direct investment in the mining industry in South Africa
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Biekpe & Dr Williams Brafu-Insaidoo

Mbu, John
Causal linkages between FDI, financial sector development, remittances, domestic savings and economic growth in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Muthuuri, Njoki Zipporah
The effect of capital flows on the Kenyan economy
Supervisor: Dr Sean Gossel

Ndzululeka, Phumeza
Venture capital in emerging economies: A comparative study between South Africa and Poland
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor

Nyatondo, Tendayi
Determinants of the supply of urban public transport services in Harare, Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Kim Vu

Nzila, Michelo Mitchell
Cooperative financial institutions as a source of development finance: A case study on Sub-Saharan Africa
Supervisor:  Prof Joshua Abor

Ojo, Temitope
Infrastructure finance in Africa through the public private partnership (PPP): Is the Lekki-Epe toll road (Nigeria) economically sustainable?         
Supervisor: Prof Marianne Vanderschuren

Peinke, Laura Carlin
Supplier development framework analysis in South Africa's upstream oil & gas sector 
Supervisor: Prof. Paul Alagidede

Phiri, Lelemba
Impacts and issues of a social innovation approach to development finance: A case study of Zoona
Supervisor: Warren Nilsson

Rousseau, Eloise
Testing the appetite of potential players in the housing microfinance field to develop niche loans for backyard shack formalization
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor

Santamicone, Maurizio
Savings and shock-coping behaviour in South Africa’s metropolitan townships
Supervisor: Prof Jean-Paul Van Belle

Sogoni, Zanele
Is public debt boosting economic growth in SADC?         
Supervisor: Dr Chipo Mlambo

Ushewokunze, Mutemwa
Zimbabwe dollarization - short term gift; long term curse: Reintroducing the Zimbabwe Dollar using the gold standard
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Amparbeng, Kofi
A cross sectional analysis of SME failure within the industrial sector
Supervisor: Professor Joshua Abor

Byaruhanga, Charles Victor
Costs and benefits of electricity subsidies in Uganda     
Supervisor: Prof Paul Alagidede

Cenge, Ntandokazi Nikiwe
Enhancing procurement of security services: A comparative case study of Mangaung and Kimberly Correctional Centres
Supervisor:  Dr. Leon Gilbert Pretorius

Denoon-Stevens, Catherine
The impact of remittances on financial sector development: An exploration in the SADC region
Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Biekpe

Dhlamini, Xolisa
Sustainable & Responsible Private Equity in Southern Africa: Evolutionary strides in a revolution?
Supervisor:  Dr. Stephanie Giamporcaro

Forbes, Shaun Alfred
The impact of project flexibility on project choice and capital structure
Supervisor: Prof Evan Gilbert

Luvhengo, Victor
Public pension funds and socially responsible investment in South Africa: A case study of the public investment corporation       
Supervisor:  Dr Stephanie Giamporcaro

Mheyamwa, John
Does funding huge capital outlay projects through project finance enhance shareholders’ value?
Supervisor:  Professor Enrico Uliana

Mncwango, Simo
Examine spending capacity to deliver infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal
Supervisor: Prof Mohammed I. Jahed

Mohamadou, Baba
Reer misalignment and economic growth in the CAEMC region
Supervisor:  Raju Jan Singh

Mphela , Nkwe David
Determinants of youth unemployment in Aganang municipality Limpopo province         
Supervisor: Dr Kwabena A. Kyei

Mulcahy, Michael Eugene
Review of the competitive bid for PV in South Africa: Is SA maximising job creation and value for money from its photovoltaic industry?
Supervisor:  Prof Anton Eberhard

Ndjwili-Potele, Victor Khotso
SMME access to finance in South Africa
Supervisor:   Joshua Abor

Ntsalaze, Lungile
The impact of family ownership on firm’s performance: A study of firms in the South African clothing and textiles manufacturing industry, 2009-2011
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Abor

Shabalala, Gloria Gugu
The management of public expenditure by the Eastern Cape Department of Education and Health (2007/8 to 2011/12) and compliance with the PFMA
Supervisor: Prof Paul Alagidede

Tom, Lungile Liberato
Social Cost benefit analysis of projects of South African DFI, the industrial development cost   
Supervisor:  Dr SL McPherson

Waimaitha, Mary
Micro-enterprise finance as an empowerment tool for women-owned businesses: Lessons from Kenya and South Africa   
Supervisor:  Professor Joshua Abor

Zonke, Mpisekhaya Khaya
An analysis of funding liquidity risk in the South African banking system
Supervisor: Dr C Pooe