The academic year at the UCT GSB starts in January and ends in December. Exchange students have a choice of joining us during Terms 1, 3 and/or 4 when the MBA core and elective courses are offered.

Terms Dates for the Academic Year 2021

Term 1 Term 3 Term 4
Term Dates 18 January – 19 March  12 July – 6 August 13 September – 8 October
Orientation *Mandatory 14 January 7 July 2021 8 September



Exchange students must be nominated to the UCT GSB by the exchange coordinator of their home university.

Nomination deadline: 9 April 2021

 Required Documents

• Nomination from home university exchange coordinator

• CV

• Exchange Application

• Proof of English Proficiency (except if from English-speaking country)

• Copy of valid passport biopage

• Most recent official academic transcript/record

• * Passport-size photo (jpeg preferred)

• * Proof of medical cover (in English)

*Only required for in-person exchange

Incoming exchange students visiting the UCT GSB must meet MBA programme entrance requirements.