Impact Measurement and Management for Investors

Use data to advance the intended impact of your investments


14 Nov

Start date

R8 500

Tuition fee

7 Nov

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Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is a cornerstone of impact investing. As impact funds (and those that invest in them) target specific impact and financial returns, they must integrate robust practices to generate and use data to advance the intended social and environmental impacts from these investments. In practice this is often challenging, given the plethora of approaches, frameworks and tools available, and the challenges of time, cost, and capacity.

This three-day workshop will provide a detailed overview of the key stages and decisions of developing an impact thesis, measurement approach and management strategy for an impact investment fund. We will explore topics such as impact due diligence, indicator selection, portfolio-level approaches, and impact reporting. Participants will engage with practical case study examples and tools to explore and apply the critical facets of IMM for impact investing. 

Course Structure

The first day will introduce the key stages of developing an IMM strategy as it applies to impact investing funds. After an overview of global trends and best practices, we will work on developing a theory of change and impact thesis. We will then illustrate how these inform the selection of individual investments and aggregation at the portfolio level. 

The second day reviews the main stages of implementing impact measurement and management - data collection, analysis, reporting and use. We will also analyze the critical decision points of collecting quality data, approaches to aggregation and reporting, and how to use impact data to make informed decisions.  Both days will use an illustrative case study to explore these topics in detail and describe how a fund could navigate among opportunities and constraints.  

The third day will focus on using emerging technologies for impact measurement, management and allocation of capital. Students will be presenting their measurement strategies to the class to receive feedback from the participants and the course convenors.

Course Information

14 - 16 November 2018

Tuition Fee:
R8 500

Application deadline:
7 November 2018

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