Ralph Hamann

MSc (University of Cape Town), PhD (University of East Anglia)
Business strategy and sustainability, collaborative governance, social entrepreneurship and innovation

Ralph is Professor at the UCT Graduate School of Business and works on business strategy and sustainability, collaborative governance, and social entrepreneurship and innovation. Rated an “internationally acclaimed” researcher by the National Research Foundation, he has numerous scholarly publications, including in highly-ranked journals such as "Journal of Business Venturing" and "Journal of Management Studies."

Among his other roles, Ralph is an executive editor of "Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development." He is the co-founder of the South African leg of the Embedding Project and the Southern Africa Food Lab, two award-winning initiatives bridging research and practice. Ralph has been a visiting scholar or consultant in different parts of the world, most recently as Pearson Visiting Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship at Brown University (USA) and as research fellow at the "Institut für Mittelstandsforschung" in Germany.