Mikael Samuelsson

Solution Space Director | Associate Professor
Ph.D. Jönköping International Business School, Master of Science in Business Administration, Gothenburg University, Bachelor of Business Administration Mid Sweden University.
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial finance, Strategy, Quantitative methods, Business incubation, Business acceleration.

Associate Professor Mikael Samuelsson has been involved in award winning research, consultancy work and training of entrepreneurs since 1998. His research is used in both education and in governmental programs for entrepreneurs. He is involved in international and national development programs in, the US, Europe, Sweden, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique Namibia and Botswana. 

Dr Samuelsson is the founder of three business incubators/accelerators and has extensive experience from technology transfer and tech start-ups, as a founder, CEO and investor. Between 1997 and 2014 he served as the CEO for SSE business labs, with prominent start-ups such as Klarna a so-called Unicorn, valued to over 1 Billion USD. His start-up experience ranges from life science companies such as Spatial Transcriptomics to fast moving consumer goods. In addition, Dr Samuelsson has been part of the development processes for the Swedish governmental programs in entrepreneurship since 2004.

Dr Samuelsson have studied over 1000 new venture projects from birth and over a period of fifteen years. His current research interests include start-up funding, with an emphasis on long term effects of different types of funding.  Business incubation/acceleration in developed and developing countries. Effectuation and Systematic search and its long-term consequences on firm performance. Paradox theory and its application in entrepreneurship research. He is a two times winner of National Federation of Independent Business annual award for best general paper at Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference.  

Dr Samuelsson is also a devoted fan of football and carries an UEFA A-Football training license