Content to be covered and tools to equip you to lead through a crisis (in light of COVID-19)
SESSION: Strategic Thinking and Planning

In your session with Grant Sieff you will focus on engaging with strategy in a crisis, and building resilience. We will introduce a practical and relevant framework for crucial strategy conversations, and will apply this framework using critical strategy models and tools. Our objective will be to build a deeper understanding of how to set strategic direction and successfully implement strategy in the face of uncertainty.

SESSION: Strategic Finance

In your session with Mark Graham (the finance component of the EDP) you will be examining the role that finance plays within the broader objective of creating value for all stakeholders. Special attention will be given to the key aspects of finance that executives will need to focus on to navigate their organisation through the current economic crises.

SESSION: Design Thinking

In your session with the Design School you will gain insight into Design Thinking which is vital for leaders in the increasingly complex world we experience, in which socio-economic and political uncertainty meets rapid advances in science and technology. The opportunities that arise from this complexity, require leaders who can harness creativity, collaboration and negotiation to generate innovative solutions.

SESSION: Leading in a Thinking Environment

In your session with Maryse Barak you will focus on the matter that never before have we had to navigate such disruption and complexity. The Thinking Environment interactive session will provide the practices and tools that support a leader in creating contexts to ignite the best thinking from their people. it is a courageous leader who knows how to include different perspectives and to support genuine innovation through each team member’s independent thinking. These few hours will offer real-time practice in how to do this with ease and focus.

SESSION: Digital Marketing

In your session with Dave Duarte you will focus on the matter that interconnectivity is an undeniable force in the world being reshaped by the pandemic. This session looks at how digital and social and professional networks shape the way we see and operate in the world. You think you're looking for an opportunity, but you're actually looking for a person. We explore the importance of story, how to connect with people online, and how to lead in the digital context.

SESSION: Innovation

In your session with Prof Dr Rasoava Rijamampianina you will be given insights and foresights on how to win through and after the crisis.
The discussion content includes but not limited to:

  • The Reality of Business Today
  • Playing to Win: What It Really Means
  • Keys to Innovation
  • The Missing Link in Innovation

Various concepts and tools will be presented to equip the audience to:

  • To Be and Stay Relevant 
  • To Find Their Innovation Sweet Spot 
  • To Jumpstart the New GDP
  • To Drive Innovation Beyond Technology

SESSION: Executive Wellness

In your session with Gaby Prinsloo you will focus on the matter that being a leader is taxing, especially in our current fast-paced, high-pressure, unstable environment. The recent COVID crises has brought on new challenges and increased stress significantly. This can negatively impact both well-being and performance. The key to success is your ability to manage your energy and optimise the performance of your body and brain.

After listening to this talk, you will have a framework and tools to help you manage stress effectively and thrive under pressure. This will allow you to think in new ways, be more innovative, and solve problems more effectively, regardless of the pressure, giving you the performance edge, while increasing well-being and resilience.