LeadWell: Nurturing Mental Health for Leadership Excellence; Workshop 3

The UCT Graduate School of Business is dedicated to not only forging but also growing the business leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to host a set of workshops titled "LeadWell: Nurturing Mental Health for Leadership Excellence".

When: Thursday, 17 October 2024 09:30 - 12:30 (GMT+2)
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The UCT Graduate School of Business is dedicated to not only forging but also growing the business leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to host a set of workshops titled "LeadWell: Nurturing Mental Health for Leadership Excellence."

 Most conventional leadership talks, workshops and seminars focus on leading others and helping leaders maximise the productivity and performance of their teams and organsiations. However, these workshops help leaders maximise their productivity and performance by adopting tools and practices that place their mental health and resilience at the forefront of their leadership practice. Because culture starts at the top, and healthy and happy leaders create productive teams and high-performing organisations.

Please join us for the third session of LeadWell: Nurturing Mental Health for Leadership Excellence, titled Introducing the Mental Health & Wellbeing Vaccine. In this session you will learn about:

  • The Wellbeing Vaccine: What it is, what it does, and how you can give yourself – and thereby your teams and organisation – immunity to the tribulations of the modern business environment.
  •  Embracing Vulnerability: Leaders are taught to be inscrutable monoliths of control and direction. But unlocking the power of vulnerability allows you to build more authentic and trustworthy relationships, taking your leadership style to the next level.
  •  The Compassion Connection: Leaders get to the top through hard work and talent, and they expect the same dedication and flair from their teams. But sometimes the best way to get the best performance from their people is through acceptance and compassion. Here’s when to engage in this skill, and how.
  •  Forging Bonds: In the immortal words of Michael Porter: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And the cornerstone of great culture is interpersonal relationships. Here we look at recognizing the impact of connection on your mental health and wellbeing.

 The workshops are live interactive virtual sessions, each lasting three hours, and the remainder workshop is as follows:

  •  Workshop 4: Administering the LeadWell Mental Health & Wellbeing Vaccine (14 November 2024) – where delegates come to grips with mindset techniques, personal energy management, and are given tools and techniques to sustain insights gained throughout this transformative journey. (Cost R995)

  The workshops are delivered by clinical psychologist and leadership development specialist, Lauren Davis, who has more than two decades of experience in helping leaders find their purpose, unleash their passion and fulfil their potential.

Invest in yourself today; LeadWell tomorrow.

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Lauren Davis

Lauren is passionate about creating an environment where individuals, teams or organisations can unleash their potential and thrive. She believes that her clinical psychology background brings added value to the world of work where her knowledge and continuous study of human behaviour enables her to provide insight into supporting and guiding individuals to move towards finding their purpose, fulfilling their potential and optimising their performance. Building authentic relationships, being witness to personal, team and organisational growth and encouraging individuals to work towards living life wholeheartedly are Lauren’s main drivers. Lauren's depth and breadth of knowledge, along with her ability use this to create insights and opportunity for practical application are some of the things make working with her a truly transformational experience. Lauren is able to connect thinking models with real life situations in a way that empowers you to have a framework to move forward in a meaningful, sustainable manner. Her work as a clinical psychologist and leadership coach has been a cornerstone of her career, providing her with a deep understanding of the human psyche and the ability to support people to shift from being passive recipients to being active participants in their lives. Her warm, empathic approach and commitment to helping her clients achieve their goals have made her a trusted ally for anyone on a path of personal and professional growth.