Insights Into Self-Love: The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership

Date: 10 March 2020
Time: 17:30 for 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: UCT GSB, Exhibition Hall, 9 Portswood Road, Green Point



Join us for a topic many of us seek to avoid, yet it is one which has a profound impact on our happiness, effectiveness and spiritual growth as human beings. What is less well known is how self-love influences leadership ability and spiritual intelligence. Drawing on both her professional experience and award-winning published UCT Graduate School of Business MBA research into the area of Self-Love and Leadership, Nerisha Maharaj describes how self-love impacts our ability to lead both ourselves and others successfully, sharing direct inspiring insights from her interviews with leaders and coaching experience. Her presentation will explore aspects of her book, such as:

  • The meaning of self-love in its highest expression and potential;
  • How self-love does not equate to narcissism and selfishness;
  • The impact of self-love on leadership attributes, such as authenticity and decision-making;
  • The Five Constructs of Self-Love; and
  • Practical coaching techniques on cultivating healthy levels of self-love.         

The book highlights for established and emerging leaders, the critical role which self-love can play in their overall well-being and effectiveness. This encompasses not just corporate executives, but academics, parents, teachers, coaches, community leaders, political leaders, spiritual leaders, and just about anybody who chooses to lead both themselves and others to greater levels of growth, consciousness and purpose.


Nerisha Maharaj is an international Executive Coach who brings together a unique blend of global expertise in the fields of consciousness, East-West psychology, business and self-mastery. A certified yoga and meditation teacher, Nerisha is also a Chartered Accountant with an MBA. Her 12-year corporate career included working and living around the world including London, New York, and Botswana providing direct Board support on strategy, sustainability and risk. She teaches the Self-Mastery through the Enneagram, Self-Love and Leader Evolution courses on the UCT GSB Executive MBA, and facilitates coaching and leadership development programmes for corporate and private clients. She is a Sanskrit and Vedic scholar, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and has had the privilege of studying with wise monks. She finds soul joy in spiritual philosophy, the inspiring lives of great saints, and travels off the beaten path to sacred places. Her book, Self: Love: The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership is available from Takealot.comAmazonBarnes & Noble, iBooks and directly from the author. For more information visit

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