EMBA Assessment


An EMBA from the UCT GSB will make a lasting impact on your professional career and your personal evolution. You will learn as much from your classmates and yourself as you will from your teachers and will gain the theoretical frameworks, soft skills and attitudes needed to be successful at executive level.

Action learning

Learning on the EMBA happens in both informal classes and the workplace where you will apply and craft your own learning experience. Participants are encouraged to develop their own contextual theories. Based on their experience and learning in each course they are helped to form their own perspectives on, and solutions to, the challenges of the workplace.

Collaborative learning

On the EMBA faculty are seen as facilitators of the learning process, not teachers. The information exchange is interactive and collaborative. You will need to bring yourself and your experience to the classroom and be prepared to learn from others as much as from your teachers.

What we measure

The outcomes of each course are assessed by means of both group and individual assignments. In order to pass a course, students must obtain a duly performed (DP) Certificate  (70% of the course submission requirements) as well as a minimum of 50% on individual assessment components from each course. These will range from formal papers, presentations and assignments to reflective essays.




Attend one of our fascinating and informative events and engage with thought leaders from across South Africa.

Information Sessions

An opportunity to meet the GSB recruitment team and alumni, and have all your course-related questions answered.

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