Dr Elanca Shelley

POSITION: Senior Lecturer and PGDip Course Convenor

QUALIFICATIONS: PhD, Executive MBA (University of Cape Town)

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Executive Development; Systems Thinking; Organisational Diagnostics and Design

EMAIL: elanca.shelley@gsb.uct.ac.za


Elanca has 15 years experience in the Public Sector in South Africa, mainly in the Defence Industry, of this time, a significant portion was spent in the training environment.

As an employee of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Elanca carried out extensive research into a new framework for the management of immovable assets in the Public Sector.  In this regard she was one of the key members who contributed towards the development of the Government Immovable Asset Management Act (GIAMA).  She was the main contributor towards the development of guidelines for the implementation of GIAMA, which is based on international best practices.

An additional number of years practical experience in management consulting contributed to a wide range of experience in the services and government sector.

Elanca is a graduate of the Executive MBA Programme and has been involved with the Corporate Learning Department (now Customised Academic Learning) on a contract basis since May 2007.  Elanca is a senior lecturer for Customised Academic Learning and Academic Coordinator for management development programmes at the certificate and post graduate diploma level.  In this role she is constantly re-assessing the most appropriate approach and method to facilitate management development for key clients, through the integration of academic and workplace learning, combined with systems thinking.




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