Data and Statistics



73% employed - Three-year placement average within 90 days of graduation
(among full-time MBA students actively seeking full-time employment)

19 new businesses - New entrepreneurial ventures started within the first year after graduation
(full-time MBA students over the past four years)

64 Organisations - Active GSB corporate client relationships (42 international)


Many UCT GSB students embark on a significant shift in career direction after completing their studies. Examples of the most popular industries and sectors in which UCT GSB graduates find employment in their year of graduation (in order of frequency), include:

  • Management Consulting (20%)
  • Financial Services (13%)
  • Information and Communications Technology (9%)
  • Education (7%)
  • Investment Management (5%)
  • Analyst and Advisory Services (4%)
  • e-Commerce (4%)
  • Health and Pharmaceutical (4%)
  • Marketing and Branding (4%)
  • SME Management (4%)

(Fulltime MBA data from classes graduating 2013 to 2015)


"The Career Centre together with the program convener have been swift in their response to the unique career paths and job opportunities that would be suitable for our class. The Development Finance Forum hosted this year offered candidate development financeers an opportunity to closely interact with prospect employers. Whilst their advice and CV writing resources equipped to us to think clearly and position ourselves in the job market. Spoken from the perspective of an Executive Headhunter, they provide a safe place for students to consider their career opportunities in preparation for introductory conversations that recruitment companies would be able to secure. A professional and well resourced department - I highly recommend them to any alumnus and student."

- Fadzai Chitiyo, Senior Research Associate, Jack Hammer (current MCOM student)

"Doing the MBA allowed me to step back and refocus on my career choices and trajectory. The process enabled me to take a more strategic view of the future and to align my career choices more closely to values and purpose. After completing my MBA, I have been privileged to work with many remarkable individuals who share a passion for creating positive change and legacy. Career Services played a fantastic supporting role throughout this process by encouraging me to make the best of my abilities, empowering me with practical insights and information along the way."

- Richard Chapman, Regional Head, Edge Growth (full time MBA student, class of 2012)




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