Digital Interview Coaching

Learn how to ace pre-recorded and live digital interviews.

According to LinkedIn's Global Trends Report: “Soft skills tests, video interviews and gamification are largely replacing the traditional phone screen and assessments in preselecting talent for potential rather than experience, quickly and at scale.”

The UCT Graduate School of Business has partnered HireVue to provide Digital Interview Practice sessions for students.

What is a digital interview and how does it work?

A digital interview is an interview that’s set up online by an employer and sent to out candidates. In a digital interview candidates can:

  • chat live on their webcam with members of the hiring team
  • record themselves answering questions for the hiring team to review at their convenience.
  • create a pre-recorded (or on-demand) video interview

 The HireView Digital Interview Practice includes:

  • Three video interview questions that are geared toward students
  • Two short games to allow you to get familiar with the gameplay process

 Note: The UCT GSB Careers Leadership Centre and HireVue will not have access to the interview or the gameplay data to use or share in any way. The interview will be deleted in its entirety after 30 days.