The UCT GSB Career Leadership Centre offers students and alumni individualised and expert career leadership and development, and year-round support, to equip them to develop the confidence and tools to manage their lifelong career journey.

This is facilitated through expert advice from our Global Network of Associate Coaches, a purpose-driven career development curriculum, mentorship engagement, industry networking opportunities and practical interventions around the job search process.

We work with talent management experts and an expansive industry partner network, to help graduates access opportunities across consulting, main stream business, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

75% employed

within 90 days

17 New Ventures

launched in the past 5 years

79 Active

corporate client relationships


UCT GSB students and alumni have access to our unique careers tools, resources and services in order to make continuous, conscious and informed decisions about their careers. Assertive career leadership values allow students to take initiative, action and active measures to realise or achieve their current and future career goals.


Many UCT GSB students embark on a significant shift in career direction after completing their studies. Examples of the most popular industries and sectors in which UCT GSB alumni find employment in their year of graduation include:


The UCT GSB Career Leadership Centre builds talent that is capable of mastering change and able to adapt to the future world of work whilst instilling an attitude of lifelong learning.

While each career journey is unique, certain core characteristics are sought by many respected talent advisors today. The World Economic Forum lists top 10 skills needed to thrive in the future of work.The UCT GSB invests considerable time to define and develop these qualities in our students:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Creative originality and initiative
  • Leadership Agility & Social Influence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Complex problem solving
  • Technology Design & Programming
  • Reasoning, problem solving and ideation
  • Active Learning and learning strategies
  • Systems analysis and evaluation

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Head of Alumni Relations and Careers Services.

Morea Josias is Head of Alumni Relations and Careers Services at the UCT GSB. She is responsible for the strategic planning, development, management and leadership of alumni relations and career services activities for the UCT GSB. Her role includes planning and implementing projects that strategically engage alumni and industry in strengthening various UCT GSB activities that provide tangible benefits to alumni, current UCT GSB student job seekers and the school as a whole. Morea studied for her undergraduate degree at UCT in Social Sciences and has a post graduate qualification in adult education also from UCT.



Corporate Partnerships & Careers Manager

Azvir Rampursad is the Corporate Partnerships Manager and a specialist in Talent Strategy & Leadership Development at the UCT GSB.
During his 17-year tenure in industry, Azvir has worked in HR on talent management, leadership development, organizational effectiveness, culture transformation and business partnering within the global technology industry, multinational manufacturing & consumer goods enterprises in Africa and North America. His position at the UCT GSB builds on embedded relationships with corporate partners, industry leaders and alumni who play a key role as career ambassadors and mentors.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology from the University of Natal in South Africa, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours in Business Management.

Tel: (021) 406 1641 | Email:


Career Services Administrator

Ncebakazi Dyantyi is a passionate people developer, having spent many of her years in the academic administration and admissions arm at UCT and UCT GSB. Nceba is an advocate for equality and inclusivity in all aspects of human life. During her early years, Nceba shared her talents within the creative arts fraternity at UCT and the Western Cape region of South Africa. She holds a Performance Diploma in Opera at UCT, under the South Africa College of Music. 

Tel: (021) 406 1039 | Email:

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