Anton Eberhard - CV



1965-1969 Matriculated first class, Grey High School
1971-1975 BSc (Chem Eng), University of Cape Town
1976-1978 BA (with distinction), Univ. of South Africa
1979-1982 PhD, University of Edinburgh

Fields of Specialisation:

Economics, management, restructuring and regulation of infrastructure industries - particularly the electricity, gas and water sectors - in support of sustainable development.
Energy (and R&D) policy. Renewable energy and energy-efficiency financing and business models.


Full time: Director: Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation, Graduate School of Business


GSB Executive Management Courses in the Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Industries.
Supervision of GSB MBA research projects
Supervision of PhD students


Supervised more than 50 Masters and PhD Dissertations
Regular supervisor of MBA research reports


20 years of postgraduate teaching and research supervision.


Director of the Energy and Development Research Centre 1989-1999


Advisory Board Member of the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)
Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Economic Regulation and Governance
Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Energy in Southern Africa
Foundation Member of the South African Academy of Science
Member of South African Power Utility Research Advisory Board
Previous Board member of the Western Cape Regional Electricity Distribution (RED1)
Previous Board Member of the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa
Previous Board Member of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
Previous Board Member of the South African National Energy Association
Past President of the International Energy Initiative


2009 World Bank: Book - Underpowered: The state of the Power Sector in Africa
2009 Nedlac / IDC: Design of pro-poor elecricity tariffs and subsidiaries
2009 Catalia: Regulating Cross-Border Power Trading in the SADC Region
2009 Standford University: South Africa Coal Market Study (part of World Coal Market Study)
2008 New Energy: Analysis of single-buyer model options for Namibian power market
2008 World Bank: Tailoring infrastructure regulatory institutions to local needs and resources
2008 South African power crisis analysis: JP Morgan, Macquarie, Credit-Suisse, Investec, UBS, Denham Capital, Royal Bank of Canada, Xstrata, Business Unity South Africa, Centre for Development Enterprises, London Bullion Market Association
2008 Department of Water Affairs: Training workshop in economic regulation
2008 World Bank: African Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (Power Sector)
2008 Review of power sector investment constraints: Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund
2007 Investment Climate Facility for Africa: Power Sector Task Force
2007 Presidential Big Business Working Group: Security of Electricity Supply in South Africa
2007 African Forum for Utility Regulation: The independence and accountability of Africa's infrastructure regulators: re-assessing performance and improving development and investment outcomes
2007 Electricity Control Board, Namibia: Review of IPP and investment frameword of Namibia
2007 South African Government and the World Bank: An assessment of efficiency, competition and regulation in the electricity sector in South Africa
2006 Transnet: Infrastructure regulation and decision-making discretion: recent international experience and trends in regulatory design
2006 South African Government: An independent assessment of electricity supply security in S. Africa
2006 UNFCCC: Review of the financial mechanism (GEF)
2006 African Forum of Utility Regulators: Designing Hybrid and Transitional Regulatory Systems
2006 Department of Water Affairs, South Africa:  Design of new regulatory systems
2005 Department of Science and Technology, South Africa: Advice and support in setting up a postgraduate programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy
2005 National Electricity Regulator, South Africa: Review of multi-year price determination for Eskom
2005 National Electricity Regulator, South Africa:  Advice and support on new Energy Regulation Bill
2005 World Bank: Review of Regulatory Risk Mitigation project
2005 Esmap, World Bank:  Review of "Meeting the Challenge of Rural Electrification in Developing Nations" project report
2005 Zambia: Foundations course in utility regulation
2005 CORE International: Regulatory principles/methods for rural and off-grid regulation in Zambia
2005 World Bank: Regulation of electricity and water services in Africa: an assessment of current challenges and an exploration of new regulatory models
2005 Department of Water Affairs, South Africa: Training Courses in Water Utility Reform and Regulation
2005 Stanford University: Study of IPP projects in Africa
2004 UNEP: Review of Renewable Energy Enterprise Development project
2004 ESMAP, World Bank: Power Sector Reform and Poverty in Africa
2004 Lesotho Electricity Authority: Training Course for Board
2004 Department of Science and Technology of South Africa: National Energy R&D Strategy
2004 UNFCCC Secretariat:  Evolving priorities in GEF's Climate Change Portfolio
2004 Global Environment Facility: Climate Change Global Programme Review
2004 CORE International/ Namibian Electricity Control Board:  Facilitating IPP investments
2003 World Bank: Review of Body of Knowledge for Certification Programme for Regulators
2003 CORE International:  regulator training in Zambia
2003 CSIR:  energy research strategies
2003 Nampower: Review of Namibia Single Buyer Power sector reform model
2003 TIPS:  WTO trade in energy services and energy market liberalisation
2003 World Bank/ Esmap:  Power sector reform and poverty in Africa
2003 World Bank:  Nile Basin Power Forum
2003 UNDP:  Kenyan Industrial Energy Efficiency
2003 Water Research Commission/ PDG:  Water sector restructuring and regulation in SA
2003 Stanford University:  Political-economy of power sector reform in SA
2003 Cambridge Business and Environment Programme:  Business and Sustainable Development
2002 OECD:  Electricity sector reform and competition in Southern Africa
2002 SADC:  Regional Energy Planning Demonstration Projects
2002 UNDP:  Energy for Sustainable Development: towards a policy agenda: Electricity chapter
2002 TIPS: market reform and access to electricity in South Africa
2002 TIPS:  WTO energy services negotiations and energy market liberalisation in SA
2002 CSIRO: Review of Australia's energy research programme
2002 Trade and Investment South Africa, restructuring of the electricity industry
2001 SADC Energy Planning Network
2001 TIPS: Competition and regulation in the electricity sector in SA
2001 Business Map: Economic and social consequences of restructuring Eskom
2001 World Bank:  Review of Cambodian Rural Electrification Strategy
2000 World Bank: Nile Basin Power Forum
2000 Competition Commission:  Competition and Regulation in the SA Electricity Sector
Shell Foundation Sustainable Energy Initiative
2000 South African Electricity Sector Reform Ministerial Workshop
2000 World Commission on Dams:  Electricity Supply and Demand Management Paper


Advisory Board Member of the World Bank's Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility
Past Board Member of the Regional Electricity Distribution company
Past Board of the National Energy Regulator
Past Member of the Ministerial Committee on Black Economic Empowerment in the Petroleum Industry
Ongoing Policy advice for Department of Minerals and Energy, Department of Public Enterprises, and Department of Science and Technology


Policy advice to government on infrastructure reform and regulation
Training courses and inputs to Parliamentary Portfolio Committees


National Energy Regulator
Eskom and other international utility companies
Private sector power companies
Merchant banks and transaction advisors involved in infrastructure investments


Research and publications with colleagues at Stanford University and Cambridge University
Teaching on Infrastructure Regulation Courses at PURC (USA), ELRI (Oslo), SAFIR (New Delhi) and IIS in Lusaka
Advisory Board Member for World Bank's Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility
Program committee for World Energy Regulation Forum
Consulting work with multi-lateral agencies, governments, international utilities and regulatory agencies, and international companies.




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