The Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership focuses on challenging organisations and individuals with purpose, resilience and responsible practices. Topics covered include: 

The Organisation
  • Stakeholders (responsible engagement, social justice, voice for the marginalised, dignity, fairness/equity)
  • Employee engagement (communication, human-centered engagement,  intent, conscious engagement, rewards & recognition)
  • Stewardship (surrogate, trusteeship, servant leadership)
  • Responsible leadership (pay staff responsibly, responsible procurement, responsible use of resources, responsible decisions, value-based leadership)
  • Organisational (shared) purpose 
  • Organisational resilience (responsiveness, adaptability, leader bench strength, culture, change management, long-term view, workforce, systems and complex adaptive systems, networks)
  • Diversity and inclusion (values differences, trust, identity, inclusive cultures, equality, gender, LGBTQ+, intersectionality, mental models, teams, differences, upbringing, belonging, connectedness)
  • Organisational design and systems
  • Governance (transparency, accountability, transformation, inclusion, effectiveness, rule of law, oversight, audit independence, rights, compensation)

The Individual
  • Values (sets of beliefs that help individuals judge what is more important in their private/work lifecycles)
  • Principles (universal truths: fairness, justice, equality, truthfulness)
  • Ethics (set of rules/guidelines for conduct for society/organisations)
    & Morals (limits on behaviour)
  • Character (wisdom and knowledge, justice, temperance, courage, humanity, transcendence)
  • Power (sources, uses, types, toxic, followership)
  • Personal narratives and storytelling
  • Self-care and well-being (self-talk, happiness, self- and other-forgiveness, self-compassion, support – giving and receiving, boundaries, spirituality, reflection, physiological)
  • Personal resilience (early stressors, meaning, agility, connection, nurtured confidence, controlling feelings/thoughts, mindfulness)
  • Self-efficacy (mastery, physiological, emotional, imaginal, embodiment, choice)
  • Personal purpose (authenticity, aspirational characteristics, strengths, energy, legacy)