Explore loans, sponsorship and scholarship leads

The UCT GSB is committed to making funding and scholarship opportunities available to talented, motivated and deserving individuals who meet the entrance criteria for the CEMS Master’s in International Management and who demonstrate that they have the potential to create a transformative impact on business and society.

A limited number of scholarship funding opportunities are available for CEMS MIM applicants. African citizens who meet entrance requirements of the programme, and who can provide evidence of financial need are strongly encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Application Deadlines:

Early Funding Round  - 30 April 2024

Final Funding Round - 15  May 2024

NB - applicants are encouraged to apply early to improve their chances of securing scholarship funding.
Scholarship applications are integrated with your application for the programme.
Scholarship application decisions are made for individuals who have been offered a place on the programme by the indicated funding round deadlines.

Additional Funding Opportunities Can Be Obtained Through The Following Institutions*:
  • South African citizens can also approach EduLoan for a study loan
  • US and Canadian citizens may be eligible for their governments' funding programmes.
  • Prodigy Finance offers loans to international students to study at the world's top business schools. 
  • Feenix crowd funding, powered by Standard Bank, is a platform for donors to sponsor tuition fees.
  • The US Department of Education provides a fixed-rate student loan made to graduate students attending our university as a full time registered student. 

* The UCT GSB is not in any way associated with the above platforms each bearing their own Terms and Conditions which must be duly researched and understood by the applicant