Segran Nair

Open Academic Programmes Director

Segran is the Director of Open Academic Programmes at the GSB.

He started his career at Engen Petroleum in 1995 as an Assistant Financial and Cost Accountant, then as a Regional Auditor. He then took an opportunity in the US and joined Cornell University as a Finance Specialist in 1996.

Shortly thereafter he became a Senior Grant and Contract Officer at the University, a post he held until 2003, where he provided expertise and guidance to faculty members and departmental administrators on the formulation and processing of research proposals and funding agreements.

He became Assistant Director of the Office of Sponsored Programmes at Cornell in 2003 and then moved to George Mason University as Research Administrative Manager.  Just after his MBA in 2005, he returned to the US, joining Brown University in 2007 as Associate Director in the Office of Sponsored Projects (Research Administration). He joined the GSB in 2009.

Segran holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Labour Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business.