Career Fairs


The GSB Career Fairs are an annual event and an opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals from industry/business and showcase our talent.

The Career Fairs are an opportunity to connect with the broader student body at a single event. The fairs allow recruiters to engage on a one-to-one basis at the GSB, at a time when most students are available. By combining memorable material about each organisation with the presence of engaging team members (from recruitment and beyond), the Career Fair is an excellent way to make a good impression.  

It is hosted over two separate half day events: "Corporate and Consulting" and "Innovation and New Ventures". They take place annually and are normally structured a week apart in May. 

The Innovation and New Ventures Career Fair benefits students:

  • who are entrepreneurial and seeking non-traditional opportunities and careers that will benefit and impact society. 
  • as a platform to explore and learn more about Innovation/ Entrepreneurship in relation to the company(ies); how it fits and operate in the industry; the impact it has on society and the economy and requirements to pursue opportunities in the industry.
  • by networking and building networks in the sector/industry.

Companies who have participated include:

Silicon Cape, Jumo World, Savant, Endeavor, Thomson Reuter labs to name a few…

The Corporate and Consulting Career Fair benefits students:

  • by allowing them to pursue "traditional" opportunities in the corporate arena.
  • as a platform to learn more about the company; the industry/sectors they operate in; opportunities that exist and could be pursued, skills / attributes / qualifications required.
  • by networking and building networks in the sector/industry.

Companies who have participated are:

Deloitte Consulting; Bain & Company, McKinsey, AT Kearney.




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