Our Mantra

A space where it's not business as usual


Our mantra serves as a compass for the kinds of leaders we hope to be, and a reflection of the values required to take on the complex challenges of today.

We're for the doer, the problem solver,
The leader that finds a way where none existed before.
The leader who says "together, we will find a way".

We're for teaching that doesn't just equip but inspires action.
Teaching that's relevant and grounded in the real world.
We're for business that sees past the bottom line,
Past profit and power.
Business that looks to people and the planet to find its value -
Because if anything can change the world - people can.

We're for opportunity.
For turning challenges into spaces for opportunities,
For finding gaps in the known and preconceived,
And growing solutions from unlikely sources.
We're for Africa, for its people and for a better future. 




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